Posted by: Bruce | May 14, 2013

Tony Abbott and a Calibre Tax.

From my stuffed political armchair; just when I thought it was safe to consider PM alternatives I hear the Jaws music…..

Tony Abbott (a.k.a. Dr No), a most voluble Opposition Leader hits our screens, proclaiming that workers are being ripped off again by the Gillard Government. Tax cuts (due 2015) of $1.59 pw are being deferred. This almighty annual sum of $82.68, deferred due to low Carbon price forecasts. A Big Mac will probably cost $75.00 in 2015 but at present the average family car couldn’t fill their tank for$82.68.

In his next breath he announces that he will pursue his Paid Parental Leave policy and take it to the elections. Apparently this is for real and makes the Howard Governments Baby Bonus look like small change.

Stan Laurel Confused - a Google imageHis policy allows for payment of up to $75,000 to mothers over 6 months. He said that ‘women of this calibre’ earning up to $150,000.00 p.a. should be entitled to such a payment. This would be paid for by a levy on wealthy businesses, not the workers.

In one foul swoop he has insulted a huge slice of the motherly population and insulted the intelligence of the rest who know that the buck stops at the workers pay packet. In real terms he will be imposing a new tax which I think of as The Calibre Tax. The man who would be P.M.

There must be some legitimate points for such a Paid Parental Scheme but for now I can’t get my head around this stuff. I also wonder ‘which comes first, the chicken or the egg?’. The making of a new human seems more like a commercial venture of convenience, necessity and maintaining status quo rather than one of traditional sentiment and choice.

Maybe Mr Abbott was upset about workers losing $1.59 pw because the total for 6mths, $41.34, could have gone towards the $75,000.00 for 6mths paid parental leave.

I hope the zillionaire in QLD is up and running for the PM job by September. Maybe he’s worth a go.

Word for today:    Status Quo – maintaining the existing state of affairs (and British band)

More to come:      same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. In ‘one foul swoop’, Calibre Tax? The man who would be PM? Snort, snort. You’re really hot to trot today. Though I’ve got to say, I’m not too worried about the motherly population. That bunch is quite capable these days of taking care of itself. While I admit that if I had been offered parental pay / parental leave when I was a young mum, I would have grabbed at it with both hands. Who wouldn’t take ‘found money’? But I wouldn’t have believed it was owed to me. I’m just a dinosaur about who takes responsibility for such things.


    • When you’re hot you’re hot; in my case not. But I did enjoy a little playing on words. As for saying you ‘wouldn’t believe it was owed to me’; that is exactly the thing I can’t get my head around. Maybe I just need time to bond with such reasoning.


  2. Why can’t you get your head around it? Do you feel that parental leave or pay should be a right?


    • Sorry, I meant you to understand that I agree with what you said, that is; you ‘didn’t believe the money (paid parental leave) was owed to you, that you took responsibility for such things’. You see, you nailed my point of fuzzyiness clearly. It is this expectation now, this ‘owed’ expectation and responsibility that bothers me. I doubt I’d have the patience to expand on all the points that this subject encompasses for me, nor would I be qualified (not being a woman and all) on many points. I did put some provisos in my post because I’m sure there are good arguments in favour of the PPL scheme. At the moment though, I still can’t get my head around the ‘owed’ factor. Perhaps it’s the manner portrayed by the media, but it makes the conception of a baby appear to be totally decided by a clause in an Award determining working conditions. In addition to that, the actual funding of this scheme really will finish with the tax payer and as such, is a tax. Yet another polly opening their serious campaign with the prospect of a new tax. Time for cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down.


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