Posted by: Bruce | June 8, 2013

High roller Harry Kakavas totally rolled by the High Court of Australia.

From my stuffed and humble armchair I heard and watched the news briefs on ‘high roller’ Harry Kakavas, a zillionaire property developer addicted to gambling.

Apparently Harry Kakavas, ‘who could sell ice to the Eskimos’, had appealed to the High Court of Australia for the right to sue the Crown Casino Melbourne over gambling losses. Mr Kakavas likes a game of Baccarat at $300,000.00 a hand. Over a period of approx. 12 mths he went through roughly $1.5 billion (yes, billion) and is hoping to recoup approx. $20 million in losses. He didn’t win this one either.

A Baccarat table - a Google image

Just for the record, I think an addiction to gambling is very bad news as with most other addictions. I hope Mr Kakavas overcomes his gambling problem.

A few things about this story ruffled my stuffing though, and on the short list are the following points:

* It strikes me as almost obscene that people actually gamble this much money.

* If Kakavas had won the right to sue because of his addiction, does that mean an alcoholic could sue a bottle shop for selling booze?

* How strangely complicated is our world where such a matter can get to the High Court of Australia?

* ‘It’s not the money, it’s the principle’ as I’ve heard many times. In this case, if Kakavas succeeded in arguing the principle he could go for the money.

* If Kakavas had left the Crown Casino with winnings of $20 million or so in his pocket, would he return the money? After all, he’s blaming the Casino for letting him gamble in the first place. Returning winnings sounds fair, balanced and principled to me.

* Who is responsible for Mr Kakavas’ addiction to gambling? There’s more than one way to place a bet; horses or flies crawling up the wall come to mind.

* Kakavas has to take responsibility for his own actions and hopefully defeat his addiction.

Below are a few links for anyone interested in the news articles.

Word for today;         Addiction

Addiction is the continued use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse consequences.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Vaguely think I’ve heard about this man Kavakas. You’re right, Bruce, people should be responsible or should be made responsible for their actions. There’s too much of poor me, I’m addicted, or poor me, I’ve had a hard life these days. But I do wish they didn’t have those places in the suburbs. They suck the life out of the community.


    • I’d never heard of the guy. It cheesed me off that a case such as his could get off the ground in the first place. Side by side with pubs and clubs makes it easy for ordinary mortals to lose their shirts doesn’t it.


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