Posted by: Bruce | May 12, 2013

Hopscotch – a rare creature

Footbridge - image courtesy of meThis morning I went walking with my younger son; we sometimes walk and talk the same circuit and perhaps spot something a little different. The dirt track passes through park area, bush and beside a saltwater lake.

At the halfway point, next to water, we were lucky to hear and see part of a large sting-ray that breached the surface and hit the water again sounding like a belly-flop from a dive gone wrong.

The following words should be read with the voice of Sir David Attenborough, the naturalist;

‘As good as this was, I was keen to get back to a part of the track we had already covered. On the way we had spotted something rarely seen on sunny Sundays. A young creature, or creatures, had marked the dirt track in a distintive pattern probably with sticks. Returning to this spot, it was evident that the creatures were disturbed before their ritual of hopscotch was to be undertaken to determine the leader of the pack. Once done, the creatures usually disappear leaving their scratchings and territory behind’.

Hopscotch pattern - a Me image.

Given that kids are said to sit inside on sunny days staring at a laptop screen, it was good to see hopscotch in the middle of the track. Not that long ago, this wouldn’t rate a mention.

Word for today:      Hopscotch

A childrens game played on numbered patterns of rectangles or squares drawn on the ground.

More to come;      same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Oh, yeah, good one. I coax my little grandson into playing a couple of games of dominos with me before he gets to play angry birds. I’m not sure though that I can teach him hopscotch. My fragile bones can’t take it.


    • You are under no obligation to teach or play hopscotch. I’ll include myself with these terms.


      • That’s the thing, I would if I could. My fragile bones can’t take it these days.


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