The swinging voterI’ve never been a fan of daylight saving. Sometimes it’s okay, mostly not okay.

That’s my point of view and not based on economics.

When my kids were little it was irritating and weird having to put them to bed while the sun was still high in the sky and birds chirping. And it was still hot.

I remember the hard sell on daylight saving when I was a lot younger. It would make our lives a joy having that extra hour to walk, have barbies’, enjoy the great outdoors and other beautiful things. It almost made me cry.

Daylight saving had nothing to do with warming our hearts. It was all about saving water in times of drought. The hour moved to an earlier time slot meant less power was needed (e.g. lighting) which saved water used to produce it.

Now saving water in times of drought is a good thing. Whether it is effective where so many homes and businesses sport air conditioners is another. When daylight saving was introduced, air conditioned workplaces and homes were not common. Lights might not be on but air conditioners start before the lights.

Good grief, I wonder if we need two (2) hours a day of daylight saving for the whole year!

Geoff Provest, Nationals M.P. for Tweed, N.S.W. is introducing a bill tomorrow I think, August 3, to reduce daylight saving for one (1) month, making it a five (5) month sentence.

I’m all for it, all for the month, all for the six (6) months being reduced and/or deleted. I never catch up on that one (1) hour of lost sleep.

Words for today:      Air conditioners – gobbled the savings

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The swinging voterA tax is still a tax by any other name. That’s what I thought when Treasurer Scott Morrison announced the Levy for the five (5) major Australian banks who, so it seems, have been enjoying a secure ride to profit courtesy of Australian taxpayers. And taking credit for efficiency under false pretences. (Is that a banking pun?).

If there is one thing I’ve noticed over the years, it’s that banks don’t tow the line when government policy isn’t to their liking. They do what they want (think Interest Rates and Government huffing and puffing).

I’ve also noticed that Liberal governments occasionally announce a levy, co-payment or tax on ‘big business’ to identify as kindred spirits with the ordinary ‘battlers’ of Australia. That doesn’t fool anyone.

So I wonder. Who is really going to pay for this Major Bank Levy of 2017?

The banks are pouting a little, for show, over this financial imposition. Away from the cameras it’s business as usual. This includes finding ways to pass the Levy to customers.

Now I don’t pretend to know the economics of the Levy’s effectiveness. From what I’ve read it sounds good in theory, but uncertain in practice.

What I’m fairly sure of thoucoolclipsdotcomgh, is that taxes, like apples, are subject to gravity. Eventually they work their way to ground level where kindred spirits roam.

Words for today:     Gravity – an attractive force

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Posted by: Bruce | June 22, 2017

Friday on My Mind – The Easybeats 1966.

Haven’t heard this one for a while. A blast from the past with timeless sentiments for tomorrow. Not sure about the jackets.

When this track was out, I was too young to head for the city on Friday nights, but I remember it well and still like it. A favourite from more simple times.

Words for today;   Too young – a young shaver.

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Posted by: Bruce | April 11, 2017

The wonders of me – Good morning Hungary.

Failing again to pretend statistics aren’t important, this morning I just had to look and was rewarded with a single view from a single reader. Now this is not what I call viral but I’m happy. Being just a single view, it allows me to see what post was read. Once visits increase that’s usually not possible.

Just the country of origin is shown and in this instance, the country is Hungary. The view, though shown today, April 11, was before midnight April 10 allowing for time differences.

And I wonder about this reader and from where he/she read ‘John Travolta and Girls on Film – almost’. It’s a true story of a little brush with fame for three young women and myself. I hope you liked it and for others interested you can see it HERE . To the reader in Hungary,  ‘good morning’ for when the sun arrives in a few more hours. Or should I say szia?

When I think Hungary, I think Budapest and the Danube river, I think the Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss ll (from up river a little ways). It took a bit to find a short video to squeeze into busy time frames but this is not too long and the frills more contemporary. The music, timeless.

Words for today;      Waltz – 123, 123, 123, 1

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