In the photo below is Norma who has the arm of Don (Charles) Cottrell. The year approximately 1945 or earlier.

Don (Charles) Cottrell and Norma

Recently I was contacted by Paul, Don’s son, via my post ‘Street Photography Sydney, 1945′ (photo G. McGrath).

Paul lives in the U.K. and has a photo, this one above, also taken by G. McGrath, Her Majesty’s Arcade, Sydney. He was hoping I’d be able to supply some information about the photographer which might have led to details of Norma and her family. He does not know Norma’s last name.

Paul provides some background to this photo from the little given by his Dad.

Don was a Chief leading stoker in the Royal British Navy and on shore leave. Aged approx. 18yrs, he credited Norma, and her family, with helping him to cut down on fighting and drinking. According to Paul, Norma was probably the love of his Dad’s life and would have married her, given the chance to return to Australia.

Like a couple of other readers, I have a photo from G. McGrath but that’s all. Meanwhile, a few emails with Paul later, I offered this post, offer accepted.

Paul, whose father has now passed, is still keen to contact Norma and/or her family. A great photo with a story and a slim chance to add another chapter. It might succeed if spotted by Norma or her family.

Don Cottrell and Norma

After a little research and close look at the pics, I feel safe saying the photo was taken in George St, Sydney outside Beard Watson’s, furniture manufacturers.

Word for today;    Romance – a never ending story.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.


Posted by: Bruce | March 13, 2015

Dueling Banjos and a movie called Deliverance.

This brings back memories of a movie from 1972 that never really leaves you. I watched it once or twice years and years ago, maybe I’ll watch it again, maybe.

Dueling Banjos is great for the music and skills, though the finishing expressions of the local kid dueling, drops you straight back where he started and keeps you on edge till the end.

Describing some people, over the years, as Deliverance material is a legacy akin to Arnie and ‘I’ll be back’.

Word for today;     Creepy;      Deliverance

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel

And then I saw it (said Mike Nelson of Sea Hunt fame); the Holden MY15 Colorado 7 bloody commercial, bloody hell.

Not only does the bloody father, who drives the bloody car, say ‘bloody caravanners’, so does the bloody young son imitating the bloody father.

Apparently just two bloody days after the bloody ad launched, bloody Holden removed the word bloody from the bloody ad.

But not because a bloody father and especially, his young bloody son, swore on a bloody commercial; one that would be bloody plastered every bloody where for every bloody kid to see, hear and bloody figure it’s good enough for them.

The bloody thing is, they removed it because some bloody caravanners got their bloody nose out of bloody joint going all hoity toity diddums about their bloody image.

Bloody Holden, sensing bloody danger to their bloody sales, acted bloody swiftly and apologised for any bloody offence taken by bloody caravanners.

All involved in the decision to put this commercial to air should never whinge about ‘young people’ and their terrible language.

We had our ‘Where the bloody hell are ya?” Aussie tourist campaign, we have our Just Right ‘Pretty bloody good’ Aussie cereal campaign; now we are going for Holden’s Colorado ‘bloody caravanners’ spoken by a kid. Our ‘laconic and self-deprecating sense of humour’ gets a little overdone.

Kids swearing in ads;   ‘Let’s not go there’.

Words for today;   Hoity toity and diddums – me on this bloody ad.

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel.

It’s hair raising having hairstyles of dictators hitting the headlines.

Attention; I'm having a bad hair day.

Attention; I’m having a bad hair day.

The bottom line for this plucking eye brow haircut is that Kim Yong-un is still a dictator. His abuse of Brylcreem proves it.

Arrest that crowd, someone laughed.

Arrest that crowd, someone laughed.

In this photo he must have run out before he left for work. Normally, with Brylcreem ‘a little dab’ll do ya’, but this number will need a jar at a time. He does seem to have a pretty big head.

It also seems, in the land of the free, that his flat top (or e-shock) is to be the ‘recommended’ style of choice for certain sections of the male community. Perhaps a ‘little me’ or two with supreme hair styling.

Word for today;      Dictator – Kim Yong-un

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel

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