Posted by: Bruce | June 24, 2022

Whip it – Devo, 1980 (official music video).

St James Tavern, Castlereagh St, Sydney in the 80’s. Friday, Saturday night disco.

Loud music, expensive drinks, lots of smoke. Drunks out cold in the toilets.

Old faithful chat up; Wanna dance? Usual answer – No.

Here’s a number that had the hips shaking. Lyrics below.

Words for today; Whip it good

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‘ I’ll be back’ said Arnie.

And he is, with this direct approach to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This video has had plenty of views and hopefully has some influence in ending the invasion of Ukraine by Russia’s President Putin. An invasion condemned by the United Nations. Putin cannot be trusted.

If posting the video here helps, in any way, to spread these words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll be happy.

9 mins 17secs. An interesting eye to eye video.

Words for today; ‘ I’ll be back’ – and he is

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has broken international law according to the United Nations.

Putin (I say Putin, not Russia), appears to already be guilty of war crimes including targeting men, women and children, hospitals and maternity wards non-military buildings and infrastructure and using weapons forbidden under the Geneva Convention.

From the;

‘The United Nations General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “in the strongest terms”.

Titled “Aggression against Ukraine”, the resolution demanded an immediate halt to the offensive and the withdrawal of all Russian troops.

It was backed by 141 of the assembly’s 193 members, with five votes against the resolution and 35 abstentions.

Putin dismisses this resolution.

The United Nations Security Council voted to end the invasion of Ukraine and for Russia to withdraw. Putin (Russia) as a permanent member of the council, was able to veto the action against him and just carry on with the killing.

The aggressor, Putin, just like that, can dismiss the U.N. Security Council. A fatal flaw in its structure?

Putin has done his deals and his homework. He can never be trusted.

The only thing that will stop Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, will be force.

Words for today; The invasion of Ukraine is a war crime

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Posted by: Bruce | March 14, 2022

Someone to You – Banners 2017

I like it.

Words for today; I don’t wanna die or fade away……

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No more Steven Seagal movies or YouTube clips for me, old or new. He sucks big time.

Seagal says he is friends with Ukraine and Russian President V. Putin, they are both family.

His family are ‘at odds’ with each other due to provocative propaganda financed by an outside entity. He hopes peace will prevail.

Well, not good enough I reckon. Really poor in fact, sitting a fence which wobbles and obviously leans towards his buddy Putin.

This is not a family tiff over a missed invitation to a christening or someone badly behaved at a backyard barbeque.

People young and old, soldiers, men, women and children, including pregnant mothers, are dying because Putin has invaded Ukraine. He is on Ukraine soil and is killing as many people as possible, indiscriminately.

Ukraine has not fired a shell into Russia as far as I know.

How can Seagal not acknowledge and condemn the killing? Family? Not in my book.

Words for today; Steven Seagal – Turned his back on Ukraine.

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Posted by: Bruce | December 9, 2021

South Park – post Covid

South Park was never really for kids. So Kenny finally didn’t make it or will he pop up again?

Words for today; Delta,… Omicron,…next?

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