Posted by: Bruce | November 13, 2016

The wonders of me – smiling seagulls

Recently I photographed seagulls crowding my son and I, hoping for leftover food to go. Is that a smile?


Word for today;    Happy – this seagull looks happy to see me or the chips.

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Posted by: Bruce | November 10, 2016

Donald Trumps the sceptics – I wonder?

Well, not 24 hours after winning the American Presidency, demonstrations outside the Chicago Trump Tower have been held, protesting his win.

The doom and gloom for Trump’s success was/is hard to ignore with a reference I spotted even predicting WW3.


Yet, the majority of American voters placed him in the White House and voting is not compulsory in the U.S.A. Isn’t that what their country is about?

It will be interesting to see how it goes. Can a U.S. President be given the boot if he/she proves themselves not up to the job? Their constitution should have it covered I guess.

At least Russia’s President Putin will be happy. Apparently he thinks Mr Trump is okay, though I’m not convinced this is a good thing as I’m not a fan of Mr Putin.

President Obama (a good guy I reckon) appears to have seen the writing on the wall and uttered words of comfort for post election results. He assured voters that ‘the sun will rise in the morning’ and America will continue to be the ‘greatest nation on earth’. I think I get his meaning although it’s a claim to fame laced with perhaps, unintended arrogance. Check the video link below.

Here’s a thought or two, another point of view;

Word for today;     Democracy – U.S.A. Presidential election 2016

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Posted by: Bruce | October 30, 2016

Good Morning Starshine – Oliver

This song rolled through my head this a.m.

1969, a year to remember.


Word for today;     Hippies – peace and love, baby

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Posted by: Bruce | October 24, 2016

Wangi Centenary Festival 2016 – photos

Sunday Oct 23, 2016 presented clouds, blue sky and cool wind following a worrying wet and windy Saturday.

On the foreshore near Wangi Wangi RSL was where the main action hovered. Wangi Wangi public school drew a pretty good crowd. I’m not sure whether the event was a stand alone for the school or part of the Centenary Celebrations, but a small percentage of the takings would have been okay.

I didn’t get to sample the music from the picnic shelter but Todd Sergeant from 2NURfm sat in the chilly wind at the other end of the shelter, doing his thing. I said hullo and it was good to put a face to his voice that I’ve heard more than once.

A few photos seemed the order of the day. A click on any pic will quickly present larger, low resolution images (low data use) that are easier on the eye

Words for today:           Wangi Centenary Celebrations

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