Posted by: Bruce | September 15, 2015

Tony Abbott P.M. no more – the fall guy walks.

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair, I’ve paid little attention to Australia’s Federal politics over the last month or two. I’ve contented myself with the brief news on the radio when driving. There was so little good stuff that I think I withdrew from the world of news for a short time.

Maybe that explains my internal calender being out a little yesterday when I first listened to Malcolm Turnbull throwing the gauntlet at Tony Abbott P.M. The challenge was on for Monday night, I didn’t realise it was the Monday night just a few hours away.

Having said that, this morning I raised my left eyebrow a little at the news that the Libs had done a Ruddy. The left/right combo of male and female pollies delivering the knockout blow seems to be trending well. At this time, Tony Abbott has remained tight lipped. I’m predicting a graceful speech on exit.

P.M. Malcolm Turnbull

P.M. Malcolm Turnbull

I think Tony Abbott thought he was safe from the party faithful based on the Australian electorate wanting stability. Got that wrong it seems and his time (six months on Lib probation) was up.

Politics is a pretty tough game. When Tony Abbott led the Coalition to electoral victory, he was the next best thing to sliced bread. His gang stood behind him nodding and wearing meaningful expressions for the camera. As time progressed, the gang thinned, the expressions bored or frightened depending on the interview topic.

As posted previously, the P.M. looked to be skating on thin ice and the prospect of being One Term Tony was, and is now, real. Walking with him to the back benches is Just Two Beers Joe. Will they be missed?

The Nationals of the Federal Coalition are not happy campers; P.M. Turnbull won’t get much of a honeymoon.

Given the title of this post, I must mention that I have sympathy for some Prime Ministers (not all) who are shown the backdoor very publicly. The very colleagues that clung to their coat tails while the going was good, fire them to oblivion to save themselves. Translated in political speak, that means to stay in power, be re-elected and then try to deliver there promises.

Some P.M.’s are ‘fall guys’. I reckon Tony Abbott goes close by his own hand.

Word for today;      ‘Fall guy’ – one attributed fault with or without foundation.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.

Posted by: Bruce | September 7, 2015

The wonders of me – one perfect day.

I wonder why this song played on a loop for me this morning from about 4.00 am. Perhaps listening to it will get it out my head. I like it though.

Words for today;     One perfect day – Little Heroes 1982

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channe

Posted by: Bruce | August 26, 2015

Gilwarra Cemetery – Glenthorne N.S.W.

In March of this year I had a few hours to myself and pointed the car north. Glenthorne, near Taree, was my destination, in particular a small cemetery in farming land off Glenthorne Rd. I have a distant relative or two residing here.

Called Gilwarra Cemetery (and Glenthorne General cemetery), I thought I’d post these photos for any who have an interest in this area and the cemetery. Time has slipped by but perhaps, better late than never.

When looking for some information on this cemetery, the grounds were shown to be in a better state of care but that was a year or so previously. On this day, despite recent burials, the general area was overgrown and looking pretty neglected. Things may have changed since my visit.

According to the Greater Taree City Council this cemetery is classed as historic and private. I’m not sure who has the task of maintaining the grounds, volunteers probably do the work when they have a chance. As for restoring the old graves and headstones, that would involve significant costs I suppose.

The photos tell the story. I have other images of headstones but other sites appear to have that covered. Just click on any picture for quick presentation of enlarged images. One of the images shows burial dates as 1870.

I added a couple of images from further down Glenthorne Rd, A glimpse of the old Glenthorne Public School, now  privately owned. The school had one room according to my Mum, that catered from kindy to 6th class, better known now as Year 6. Another glimpse of what was the Post Office and Residence for the local postmaster. Next door, a church once stood, marked by a monument.

Words for today;      Gilwarra Cemetery – passing time

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel

Posted by: Bruce | July 30, 2015

Good Morning Vietnam – I’m wondering …..

This morning I checked my blog stats (an addictive behaviour of highs and lows).

Things are usually quiet before my stats go ballistic ( going ballistic might not be the truth ) and this often gives me cause to wonder.

At this point of the day, three visitors have looked at three separate posts on my blog. Two from Australia and one from Vietnam. Two of the posts were of Australian topics, the other post is a YouTube video of an old ‘You Are My Sunshine’ song. That’s all the stats tell me, nothing else.

Therefore, I’d like to say hi to those two from Australia. Thanks for looking and I hope you liked what I’ve written. I wonder what part of Oz you live in? Down the road, Tasmania or Northern Territory?

VietnameseFlag a Google imageSeparately, I’d like to say hi to the person from Vietnam, the reason for this quick post today. Visits from other countries always make me wonder, especially if what I’ve written has nothing to do with a particular country; in this case Vietnam.

Are you a Vietnamese citizen, an Australian living in Vietnam or a person of another nationality? Do you live in the city or country? Is there anything in particular you like to read? You don’t have to answer, I just want you to know I’ve noticed and I wonder.

Chances are, the three visitors up till now, will not read this. Nevertheless, I’ve always thought it’s the thought that counts. Perhaps I’ll give a wave to statistics more often. Time to hit the road.

Word for today;      Readers  –   I wonder about them.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel

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