Posted by: Bruce | February 13, 2016

P.M. Malcolm Turnbull (M.T.) and the G.S.T.

The swinging voter[FYI – reading time 1 min, video 24 secs]

It’s been a little boring since Tony Abbott was shown the door out of the P.M.’s office. The shoe prints on his back, courtesy of a trampling by Malcolm Turnbull and friends hastening to the big chair, still visible when Tony Abbott arrived at the back bench (naughty chair).

Well, the dust has settled a little and the business of running Australia has been front and centre as it should. Internal party battles and leadership issues are in a holding pattern at present, gone but not forgotten.

My enforced slumber (disillusioned) on political posts has been disturbed a little by talks of increasing the G.S.T. (goods and services tax). Remembering that the 10% GST was introduced by John Howard, former Liberal P.M. (admired by Tony Abbott), it didn’t take the Libs very long to seriously fly the flag for a nasty 5% increase on this tax. The waiting for voters expecting this move is over; what treatment will the P.M. receive? An election this year isn’t there? Has the P.M. seen the John Howard video below? It’s a cracker. ‘There will be no GST’ and then ‘The GST will stay at 10%’.

Is it possible for a newly elected government to manage the country without increasing taxes? I know, it sounds ridiculous, naive. But why is it accepted that each and every incoming government increases or creates taxes as a matter of course? We were promised mature economic management by the Liberal Government and yet further taxes are constantly sought and imposed. Does that mean they can’t manage on current tax revenue or are spending more to satisfy insatiable voters? Tony Abbott, amongst others, said ‘a country doesn’t prosper through taxation’. If that’s true then our country must be heading for ruin.

I’ve said before that I think all parties in power are much the same. Words, actions and b.s. fed to the voter have a great similarity. I really think they take turns to occupy the lodge. Most of the political conflict arises within their own party.

Remember Tony Abbott as Opposition Leader? He stuck it to Kevin Rudd P.M., then to Julia Gillard when she was P.M. He absolutely flogged M/s Gillard over a carbon tax she said wouldn’t happen.

Later, incredibly, Tony Abbott as Liberal PM, ‘Did a Julia’ with new taxes*, then went close to receiving the Full Ruddy by his colleagues as they turfed him for new leader Malcolm Turnbull: (* G.P. co-payment, indexed fuel excise tax …..and so on).

GST – goods and services tax, grimy slimy tax, good solid tax, great skyrocketing tax, general sucker tax, giant sneaky tax, get stuffed tax; do you have one to add?

And now for a little entertainment to finish, courtesy of YouTube. The video is a real gem. It’s the stuff that politicians are made of; the same old thing, one party to the next. Don’t they know how they appear? It’s why voters become jaded and cynical.

Words for today:     P.M.’s Agenda – Is WorkChoices on the list?

More to come:  same blog time, same blog channel

Posted by: Bruce | January 21, 2016

A movie called Bullitt – and a car chase.

In 1968 Steve McQueen starred in a movie called Bullitt. This movie produced a classic car chase. The video is mostly accompanied by Canned Heat’s ‘On the road again’. If you have around 9m 30seconds, the full chase is pretty easy to watch.

A good combo but the only music needed, I think, is from the cars. The seat belts are interesting.


Words for today;    Bullitt the movie – a classic car chase.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel

Posted by: Bruce | January 18, 2016

Skinny Girls – Alan O’Day

Here’s a song I’ve always liked; a one hit wonder from around 1980.

Thanks to YouTube I can watch some gorillas (or whatever they are) move with the music while the lyrics scroll by. I like the lyrics and knew only a few of them.

I couldn’t decide which video to post so went with these two. I’m guessing the second video might just appeal to guys a little more than the first.

Having said that, I haven’t watched the second video. Okay, you’re right, I have.


Words for today:  Skinny Girls – I suppose this song is politically incorrect, but I like it.

More to come:   same blog time, same blog channel.

Posted by: Bruce | December 23, 2015

Sandie Shaw – Long live love and moonwalking.

A trip down memory lane  to the Brylcreem and Spruso bottles and a comb in the back pocket.

When watching the video though I realised that a little or a lot of moonwalking was happening. And although it could be poor camera work I’m sticking to moonwalking in bare feet.

Words for today;     Sandie Shaw – I think I thought she was a hot older woman.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.

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