The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair, a few gems for me to ponder.

Today, the first day back in Parliament school, will start with a leadership vote. Not the best kick-off for Tony Abbott and the mature, sensible Liberal Government we were promised only 17 months back.

It’s kind of like a little election really, but for Liberals only.

He made a ‘Captains’ call’ to dub Prince Philip, Sir (backfired). He made another ‘Captains call’ to bring forward (by a day) the leadership vote which will determine if he’s in, out or on probation.

I think he’s still trying to take the intiative. An unplanned day with some angst and insecurity, how will the day end?

My points of ponder;

– Tony Abbott P.M. states often that he shouldn’t be turfed because that’s what Labour did to Kevin Rudd. Is that a sound reason for keeping him in the job?

– Are his colleagues, cabinet and backbenchers worried about the direction Abbott has been taking Australia, or worried about losing their jobs?

Word for today;      Karma – or is it Ying and Yang?

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel.

News flash;   Tony Abbott survives leadership spill.

Posted by: Bruce | February 4, 2015

Hot Aussie politics take-away: Tony AND Joe to go.

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair I watched with some amazement, the current level of leadership woes besetting the Abbott Liberal Government.

The rumblings of leadership discontent were there, have been for some time; but not spilling into the streets and heading for the drain.

It looks, without divine intervention, like a Canberra snowball to the bottom for Tony Abbott P.M.  Prince Philip’s Knighthood nomination the solid little kernel at the centre of the snowball.

I can’t believe the last elections were only September 2013. The next week or so will be interesting, although bad for Australia. We don’t need this self inflicted crap from the Federal Government.

Tony Abbott should smarten up, so should his colleagues. They are part of the problem. It shouldn’t have gone this far. Julie Bishop should have given some straight talk, not smarmy hedging.

If Tony Abbott has to go, then so does Joe….. Joe Hockey that is. His out of touch attitude matches the P.M.’s.

Tony AND Joe to Go.

Word for today;    Politics — changing.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.


Posted by: Bruce | February 3, 2015

Tony Abbott P.M. – Knightmares

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair, I hear the springs boinging like a kangaroo on the run.

Perceptions are funny things and vary  like mad. There are plenty of things that Tax ‘em Tony Abbott P.M. is doing which cheese me off.

Nominating Prince Philip for Knighthood in the Order of Australia isn’t really one of them. I’m impressed neutrally on this topic though his timing leaves me a little flat.

I'm a good guy. (Image the record; I don’t believe in royalty. I think it’s a load of cobblers. Having said that, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is now 93 yrs of age and probably deserves this recognition. Why wasn’t he a king?

Prince Philip sounds like a good guy but I’m curious as to how he can be a patron of over 800 organisations. Sounds impressive, like a friend list you see for some on Facebook.

Prince Charles was made a Knight of the Order of Australia in 1981 and he was only thirty something. Don’t remember a big fuss on that.

Maybe Tones is hoping that putting in a good word for Phil might get him a job in the near future. He might be needing it sooner than he hoped; the Knighthood nomination has backfired well and truly.

Tony Abbott is P.M. and copping it. Fair enough too. He gave plenty to Labour. Now we have leadership calls in ernest and the P.M. is saying he’ll be a good boy and consult his colleagues more than he has. Sounds just like Kevin Rudd days. Just Two Beers Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbull both saying we don’t want to repeat Labour’s action’s in removing Kevin Rudd, P.M. They must have been thinking it though.

The P.M. noticeably kept his distance from Queensland during the election campaign. The Lib State Gov’t was in trouble and didn’t need more in the form of the Tony Abbott. Not good for the image.

Now Tony Abbott and his team are being called a one term Government. How things change. One Term Tony. Has a good ring to it.

Word for today;    Change –  it won’t happen overKnight but wait….. it did.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel


Posted by: Bruce | January 26, 2015

Australia Day 2015 – a cool day.

It’s surprisingly cool, around 22*C and showers. It’s cool being able to focus on being an Australian; it’s cool for those that are being sworn in as Australian citizens.

Our new Australians probably know more detailed history of Australia than I do. Weren’t Italians and Greeks once called new Australians?

Another cool thing about today was a couple I saw when I stopped at my local supermarket (plug for IGA). While waiting on ham for a sammo or two, a guy and girl walked in decked out in Aussie flag colours and clothing. The guy even wore a flag type cape and head band and could have passed for SuperOz. They left before I could get a pic; I really liked their outfits.

This super Aussie couple are the reason I decided on this post. The last Australia Day or two, I found myself thinking, but not saying, a lot about this country in which I was lucky to be born. It is a great place to live but we will have to work to keep it this way.

The music following represents a little abstract time travel for me.

As a kid and as a young shaver (if bum fluff could be considered shaving material), Australia Day was just a holiday.

As a grown up, Australia Day means a whole lot more.

Word for today;    Bum fluff – facial hair that is so sparse it can be considered as good as the fluff on one’s bottom. (

More to come;    same blog channel

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