Posted by: Bruce | June 12, 2018

Three more sleeps

The time is nigh …..

IMGP7063 (4) image by BBH

Three more sleeps

Word for today;    Sleeps – something to dream about.

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Posted by: Bruce | May 18, 2018

The Loved One by The Loved Ones – 1966

Excellent stuff.

Words for today:     Black and white – sounds great

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No and no. I can only spot the similarities.

When the trains were shut down in North Melbourne on the morning of May 3, 2018, many commuters called on taxis and Uber drivers to get to work.

When I read the prices Uber were charging, ticket scalpers came to mind.

So for ticket scalpers to be legal (excluding those low lifes flogging counterfeit tickets), they should do as Uber do.

Surge pricing, high demand pricing and last but not least, this little gem; Dynamic Pricing policy, is how Uber describes and justifies monopolising, gouging and taking advantage of those turfed off the trains.


Uber scalping commuters - Google image.

Uber transport, scalping commuters.

Words for today;    Uber – Won’t be on my speed dial.

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Posted by: Bruce | April 15, 2018

Australia Day 2018 – a savage bite in history.

This year I did as little as possible on Australia Day. How good is it that I can do such a thing?

I heard a snatch of conversation on the radio where an Indonesian woman spoke of her citizenship after being in Australia for over 20 years. Her natural accent was still strong but I’m pretty sure if the role was reversed, my Australian accent would hammer my lousy attempts to speak Bahasa Indonesia.

A couple of days later I walked the track I’ve taken on a few Australia Days. It finished at waters edge which was devoid of people. I scanned for evidence of Australia Day on the shore; torn singlets, cans and broken bottles, beer cartons and broken thongs (not the crook bum sort). Nothing, and no-one lying on the rocks or in the bushes still sleeping off the booze.

IMGP0914 (2) by BBH

Wangi shores Australia

And then it happened. The music from Jaws? My eyes were drawn towards my size 10’s to be rewarded with proof it was still Australia. I went down on my knees for a closer look before nodding my head in silent confirmation. The remains of a meat pie, after a fair set of choppers had decimated the contents and left the shattered pastry, lay quietly. Was it Kevin Rudd (ex PM) who said ‘fair shake of the sauce bottle’ when he was being one of the boys? Well, the pie eater must have already shaken the sauce bottle empty to leave the scraps.

IMGP0911 (3) by BBH

Meat Pie and a boot in Australia

IMGP0910 (3)- by BBH

Meat Pie – Australia

And so it was. Australia Day 2018 delivered the goods. Some things remain constant.

I wonder though, about Australia in 20 years time.

Will savaged pie remains still be found?

Will Australia Day still be on the 26th January? Many indigenous Australians call this day Invasion Day and want this day of celebrations gone or moved. Fair enough.

January 26th, 1788 marks the arrival of the First Fleet from Great Britain and the beginning of Australian life as we know it today.

For our indigenous Australians, this day marked the beginning of the end of their life as they knew it. Invasion Day may sound harsh or uncomfortable, but it’s true.

Finally, I also wonder, what a present day Australia would be, had it never been discovered? I believe this fanciful consideration is relevant and open to the ‘what if’ of January 26, 1788.

Words for today;      Pie and sauce – dog’s eye and dead horse

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Posted by: Bruce | April 13, 2018

Laurel and Hardy – The boxing match.

Now this is boxing. Check (Stan) Laurel’s ears at 1m.40s.

If you’ve never seen him, he’s in black shorts.

Words for today;   A Good laugh – this does it for me

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Posted by: Bruce | February 28, 2018

Should Subaru do do do?

‘Walk on the Wild Side’ is a song I like, by Lou Reed, 1972. It’s on the radio often.

The tune is catchy with lyrics of a difference and one particular line that wasn’t censored. I listen for that line each time it plays, wonder why it’s allowed and how many kids pick up on it. A school run in the family car provides a captive audience for ears of all ages.

Well Subaru Australia are using the doo do doo’s from this track to flog their cars except the doo’s are just a ‘Do’. However, I wonder if this is a deliberate drive into edgy territory by Subaru, knowing consumers will likely associate the Do’s with the rest of the song?

Subaru Australia M/D Nick Senior said ”we want to attract more younger people, particularly females and younger Australian families to Subaru, and those families with one or two young kids”……

and, ” ‘Do’ is a simple, yet incredibly strong and powerful verb, the ultimate commitment from which the Subaru family can’t hide”. (Sounds a little odd really on top of the other advertising drivel of warm and fuzzies to sell cars).

Well, I think I’ll use Do as an auxiliary verb in some interrogative sentences;

  • Do Subaru ‘doo do doo’ wonder if young and old match lyrics to tunes?
  • Do Subaru ‘doo do doo’ consider that this tune/song blends with their brand?
  • Do Subaru ‘doo do doo’ present this as their Subaru family song?

Finally, as I checked my email this a.m., an ad flicked upon my vision to the right. Happenstance, from Subaru. It read…. Do  The excitement machine WRX (with an image). There are one or two transitive verb examples given by Merriam-Webster that might cover this use of Do. A close one relates to sex – ” I’d do him”. Struth. A bit on the wild side?

A link for reference and a link for interest;

Word for today:     Subaru – What you Do?

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