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A casting couch for the Australian Entertainment Industry.

A casting couch of the entertainment industry usually sits quietly in a reception area. It’s dark side however, is not restricted by walls. It travels and functions in various guises. As a hotel bed, a grope in the dark, an assault, as fear or dominance to name a few; it’s a versatile weapon seemingly used with impunity.

Innocent until proven guilty.

So, over the last week, Craig McLachlan, actor/entertainer, is headlining over sexual harassment/assault allegations by fellow cast and crew and….

Don Burke OAM, tv entertainer/ personality is also in the news from 2016 for sexual harassment/assault allegations.

The more I read, the more I think these two home grown personalities will be wondering what happened to their life as they knew it. The fan has only just begun to spin. Surely Rolf Harris (ex-CBE) and Robert Hughes of Hey Dad are still fresh in everyone’s memory? The arrogance, the narcissism, the….just incredible.

I wonder whether those in charge, of producing shows featuring Burke and Mc Lachlan, had any idea of the alleged sexual harassment/assault taking place under their proverbial noses? How could they not?

Stars of shows are just that; a star. Some bright, some dim. It doesn’t make them a good person though. Star power is a weapon in the wrong hands, those that are legends, at least in their own minds. They take what they want. The employers fall into line: the show must go on, the money must go on. Don’t need bad publicity.

But the publicity is worse when serious problems are ignored. The evil of the Hey Dad experience hasn’t educated the entertainment industry.

If Burke and Mc Lachlan are found guilty of these allegations, then heads should roll within the industry. There should be jail time for those who knowingly ignore obligations of both civil and industrial law. Employers are legally accountable.

Alea iacta est (Latin) – the die is cast.

Hey Dad cast shunned, Robert Hughes jailed

Word for today;        Narcissism –  extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.

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Posted by: Bruce | December 30, 2017

Left-handers; writing the wrongs.

On Thursday just gone, I was fiddling. This led to wondering, not for the first time, of a left-hander’s plight in putting pen to paper. Specifically, an inky kind of pen. I wondered a lot, so much in fact that today’s trivia just had to happen.

As a rightie, my pen travels the page from left to right, onto virgin lines awaiting their fate. A trail of letters, joined or not, dry safely and sit, doing their bit.

Now lefties do the same but it’s different. Their pen precedes, left to write, pushed by the hand that blocks inky letters from sight. Which way to slope the letters and keep the fist from smudging ink? Tilt the page or twist the wrist? Unfair conformity I think.

And this is where my wondering veered a little. I thought myself lucky to be in the 90% of the population that are righties. Then, I hypertheticalised (just made up this word); what if lefties were the 90’s and righties the wrong-uns? Would right to left lead to reading problems?

Can there ever be a level ink field? Maybe there’s something to be learned from other languages where writing is columned from top to bottom or right to left. What about diagonals or bottom to top?

Mind boggling you say? Incredible? Yes. That is true.

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the ink, and lefties reverse how the righties have written. My wondering became a reality. A pure approach from the left, not quite right for the right.

The photos tell the story (low res x3). With an uncooperative left hand I wrote a few words as a 90% leftie. The result, though rough on the eye, should have been obvious. If written by a genuine leftie all those years ago, where would we be now? Reading from the dark side? Click on pic for quick enlargements.

Below are a couple of links to lefthander curiosities. Not all facts are wonderful though. The reason for left handed hand shakes and left hands having ring fingers, present an image not favourable to me.

A couple of paragraphs above have some rhythm. It’s not a usual thing for me and sort of happened accidentally.

Words for today:      Leftiesdodging the ink with a keyboard

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Posted by: Bruce | December 18, 2017

Foreigner – I want to know what love is.


Words for today;    an oldie but a goodie

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Posted by: Bruce | October 19, 2017

Only You – Yazoo

I like the music and kind of spooky but sad couple in the video.

From 1982.

Words for today;    A bit of an oldie, but a goodie

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Posted by: Bruce | October 16, 2017

Raymond Terrace – St Johns Anglican Church

1-IMGP6828 St John's

St John’s Anglican Church – Raymond Terrace


Posted by: Bruce | September 18, 2017

Sunset at Wangi Pt, Lake Macquarie.

Days end, six times; August 12 – Sept 12.

Some light entertainment with low data images. Click on a pic for quick, enlarged gallery.

The trees at this spot always get my attention (first image). In the third image I went for a bit of movement. Not so difficult as the wind was cold and ripping off the lake; but standing still just wasn’t on.

Words for today:     Images – there for the taking.

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