Posted by: Bruce | September 18, 2016

The wonders of me – Hello, This Is Joannie.

She had car keys in hand, was clearly distressed and about to drive away. Luckily a friend distracted her from driving.

The next day, on a short drive, I spotted four people on their mobiles while driving. Two were ‘P’ Platers, two were not.


And so I wonder…..

How can stressed out drivers become unstressed enough to drive?

How much was the mobile phone, what cost is the fine and loss of licence (especially for ‘P’ Platers), what cost for hitting someone or something? What call or text is worth risking all?

For around $200 smackeroos installed, your can go the whole hog and get a unit with Radio, CD, MP3, Charging and BlueTooth features, microphone etc and have legal, hands free talking, auto answer or voice call, depending on your phone. Your mobile convenience can be more complete, safely and legally.

I know they work. As a world famous blogger with a zillion hits a year, I am sometimes barraged with up to one call a month. The unit in my old car answers automatically and I can chat, be praised or abused as the case may be.

New cars have this stuff available as fairly standard I think.

A day after the ‘four talkers’, I stumbled across this video on YouTube. Although the song is not based on a true story, it easily could be and almost certainly has happened. With little imagination it can be applied to those that talk and text, especially text, when driving (very uncool).

I should mention though, if you do listen to the song, it might be tough to get it out of your head. Maybe that’s a good thing.

(Original video changed to being YouTube viewing only; this has lyrics, no images.)

Words for today;  Russian Roulettetexting and driving (stay away from me)

More to come;      Same blog time, same blog channel

Posted by: Bruce | September 13, 2016

Toronto Blast from the Past Festival 2016 – photos

With charged camera battery I walked Toronto foreshore on Sept 11, checking out Toronto’s inaugural Blast from the Past Car, Music and Dance Festival 2016.

I missed some of the main music but still found plenty to keep me occupied.

And thank you to the gorgeous young lady, a Beetle driver and model extraordinaire, who kindly smiled for the camera.

If you click on any pic, all images will quickly be presented, enlarged for easy viewing. (All images reduced, not much at all in data usage: maybe 7mb all up).


I was interested to check out this Festival having wandered around a Nostalgia Festival back in March 2016. On the foreshore is a great location and if this festival gets going it might make things hot for Kurri Kurri.

Word for today:      Images – there for the taking

More to come:     Same blog time, same blog channel

Posted by: Bruce | July 10, 2016

Sunset Lake Macquarie – July 10, 2016

Hard to not point the camera at this one.


Word for today;    Images – there for the taking

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel

Posted by: Bruce | July 1, 2016

Sunset Lake Macquarie – June 30, 2016

A chilly sunset as I pondered the meaning of life. No answers.

Of late I’ve had low photo mojo. The fading light however, caught my attention as I started to retrace my steps. Perhaps you’ll like it.


Word for today;    Images – there for the taking

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.

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