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Foreigner – I want to know what love is.


Words for today;    an oldie but a goodie

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Posted by: Bruce | October 19, 2017

Only You – Yazoo

I like the music and kind of spooky but sad couple in the video.

From 1982.

Words for today;    A bit of an oldie, but a goodie

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Raymond Terrace – St Johns Anglican Church

1-IMGP6828 St John's

St John’s Anglican Church – Raymond Terrace


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Sunset at Wangi Pt, Lake Macquarie.

Days end, six times; August 12 – Sept 12.

Some light entertainment with low data images. Click on a pic for quick, enlarged gallery.

The trees at this spot always get my attention (first image). In the third image I went for a bit of movement. Not so difficult as the wind was cold and ripping off the lake; but standing still just wasn’t on.

Words for today:     Images – there for the taking.

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The wonders of me – loose ends.

I find it difficult devoting some time specifically to something useless, enjoyable or both for me. An epiphany connected a wiring harness to my life.

Recently I had cause to wonder about the wiring of the head deck in my daughters car and electrical problems emerging over time. With parts replaced (in the engine bay) and skinned knuckles, the problems persisted.

1-IMGP6665 Wiring harness/adapter by BBH

Electrical connections – loose ends.

The original head deck had been removed for an upgrade, then had to be re-installed. To do so, I needed to re-use a wiring harness/adapter which had been chopped around (wasn’t me). Halfway through rejoining and sorting wires on the harness the insurance company for my daughters car called to say the car was being towed away in three days time. It was declared a write off after being rear ended by a D.U.I. moron some months earlier. No need to repair anything, problems over……

But it had me thinking on life and loose ends. If I jot down a list of things to be done or finished, it’s pretty long and annoying. Included would be mostly essentials followed by useless, enjoyable things, then esoteric matters subject to speculation.

Bits and pieces, loose ends such as earn money, finish painting the garage, new blades for the mower, buy some shoes, trim (hack) some hedge type bushes gone wild, look for an old car to do up, fix my old trail bike, organise old photos, take new photos, think on old school friends and people I’ve known, imagine conversations that won’t happen, find fame and fortune, fix a sticky window, regret words spoken and not spoken, grow a man bun from my forehead, learn keyboard, learn to cook, do five hundred push-ups a day, …….. I hope there are others who know what I mean. If not, well damn.

Still, I wondered. Will I ever know if the head deck wiring caused the problems? How was I to sleep? What to do? An imbroglio state of mind, no doubt.

I resolved that this task rendered useless, became essential. It was not to be a loose end literally or figuratively speaking.

Wiring completed, unit re-installed, console back in place and turn the key…..

2-IMGP0852 - Tow truck with car, BBH image

Tow truck with car for auction.

It’s unlikely that anyone will notice the repaired wiring harness connected to a now dated head deck in a car most likely at an auto wreckers on blocks.

But I know that if the car was ever to be driven again, it would be working just fine.

Bits and Pieces by Dave Clark Five – 1964

Words for today:      Loose ends – Not this time

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel.

The swinging voterI’ve never been a fan of daylight saving. Sometimes it’s okay, mostly not okay.

That’s my point of view and not based on economics.

When my kids were little it was irritating and weird having to put them to bed while the sun was still high in the sky and birds chirping. And it was still hot.

I remember the hard sell on daylight saving when I was a lot younger. It would make our lives a joy having that extra hour to walk, have barbies’, enjoy the great outdoors and other beautiful things. It almost made me cry.

Daylight saving had nothing to do with warming our hearts. It was all about saving water in times of drought. The hour moved to an earlier time slot meant less power was needed (e.g. lighting) which saved water used to produce it.

Now saving water in times of drought is a good thing. Whether it is effective where so many homes and businesses sport air conditioners is another. When daylight saving was introduced, air conditioned workplaces and homes were not common. Lights might not be on but air conditioners start before the lights.

Good grief, I wonder if we need two (2) hours a day of daylight saving for the whole year!

Geoff Provest, Nationals M.P. for Tweed, N.S.W. is introducing a bill tomorrow I think, August 3, to reduce daylight saving for one (1) month, making it a five (5) month sentence.

I’m all for it, all for the month, all for the six (6) months being reduced and/or deleted. I never catch up on that one (1) hour of lost sleep.

Words for today:      Air conditioners – gobbled the savings

More to come:    same blog time, same blog channel

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