Posted by: Bruce | July 11, 2015

Blacksmiths Beach, Swansea Chanel and … a UFO?

On the June 23, 2015 (a cracker of a day) and July 7, 2015 (cold, overcast, then rainy) I had some time to fill around sunset and did so with the camera. The camera also provided a bit of a mystery.

What is this? - NoNeg Imaging

The photos are at Swansea Chanel, Blacksmiths Beach and looking east or thereabouts from the northern breakwall. A click on any pic will quickly present all images, enlarged, in a gallery for better viewing. The first five images were taken June 23, the rest on July 7, 2015.

When checking out the images from 7th July, I was surprised to see some strange lines or swirls in a photo taken of tankers anchored off shore. I missed this the first couple of times, then it had my attention. The last three images shown in the gallery will save explanations. The original is pretty dark and flat, the next with auto contrast that’s a little odd with its colour but shows the shape, the last image is cropped showing the shape in the cloud line. Is it something or nothing? It looks weird to me.

Originally I thought camera shake but ruled that out as the camera was propped on a boulder. The ship and ocean would have moved (a big swell was on) but not the relatively stationary clouds. Was it a hair on the lens or sensor? If so, it didn’t hang around for any other other shots that I can see. Two more shots followed within the next 20 secs. I thought it might be a bird that flew into view but at 1/5 second the blur doesn’t look right.

Anyway, I hope the photos are easy on the eye and if you have a suggestion about the shape or swirls I’d like to hear it. A bird might be the go but I’m unsure. I only see an interesting effect showing a shape, above and longer than the tankers below it. I’m still guessing.

Word for today;   Images  –  There for the taking

More to come;   same blog time, same blog chanel

Agatha Christie - Taken at the FloodIt’s probably more of a question or two about the author and authors in general, than a review of this book.

First published in 1948 and featuring the character, Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot, the novel is another in the series of crime fiction by Agatha Christie. I enjoy some of these books more than others, but all so far are usually a good yarn that put it together at the end.

I like the characters and particularly the conversations that are perhaps reflective of the period. Despite a theme of murder, the characters, including the baddies, usually remain impeccably polite and handy with words. Humour in characters is often subtle but there all the same.

Toward the end of Taken at the Flood I was surprised to see a happy ending between a couple, Rowley and Lynn. Earlier, the character Rowley, in a rage of possessiveness, almost kills Lynn by strangulation. Another minute or less and she was a goner. Hercule Poirot arrives and politely interrupts with a cough.

Rowley the strangler

Oddly, I think, Mr Poirot dismisses the almost fatal attack as does Lynn a few pages on.

After Rowley’s attempt to prevent her (kill her) from being with anyone else, Lynn ‘knew she was his woman’. Wedding bells were planned, love balloons prevailed, no red flags fluttering.

Lynn's his woman

The strange acceptance of the violence by Rowley, is singularly how I will remember this book. Perhaps, for readers, it was cool and romantic at the time, the caveman approach.

Now my questions: Does an author express their own opinion and attitude through their fiction? Did M/s Christie accept and dismiss the explosive Rowley as did Mr Poirot and Lynn?

Words for today:     Fact or fiction?

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel

June 13,2015 was the day of celebration in London for Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. Following the Queen’s Birthday Parade, soldiers from 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards, were returning to Barracks. An incident took place between a Guardsman and member of the public.

This description was issued by an Army spokesperson who said the incident was regretted and no injuries occurred. Further ‘it will be appreciated that soldiers marching have little room to manoeuvre’.

Tourist Gerry Weatherhead, from Haverhill, Suffolk is the man shoved out of the way by a marching soldier. He seems to have copped a lot of criticism  and called ‘stupid man’ more than once. One spectator thought him to be a stupid American tourist. That turned out a stupid thing to say.

With due respect to the marching soldiers of 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards, my sympathies lie with Gerry Weatherhead. He accepted blame and apologized for his unintentional actions, pretty well giving the soldiers a free pass but…….

Having ‘little room to manoeuvre’ doesn’t cut it. These guys should be pro’s and avoiding an obstacle or person, second nature. The march leader appeared not to notice the guy in the way. A very poor show old chap, we’re not talking about a runaway train here.

Now to the guts of the the topic. Would a woman, a toddler, an old digger with a walking frame, a person in a wheelchair, the Queen, have copped the heave-ho to the side?

Imagine the Queen in place of Mr Weatherhead? The leading soldier and those following would have executed a vertical jump over her or stopped and concertina’d as if hitting a brick wall.

Mr Weatherhead was barrelled out of the way because he could be.

This radiates a loss of perspective and an indulgence in self importance by the Queen’s Guard. Not pretty at all.–Zkr5eyXKbl

Words for today;      Queen’s Guards  —  need a better approach.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.

Posted by: Bruce | June 27, 2015

The wonders of me – time

Stopwatch ticking - NoNeg ImagingIt’s going so fast, I wonder how to slow it, even stop it for a little while. A while is time though, isn’t it?

Stopwatch stopped - NoNeg ImagingIf time could be stopped, can a moment be enjoyed longer or does your heart stop beating?

Today, Saturday, a cracker of a winters’ day. Crisp morning, blue skies, little breeze. Time to make the most of it because ……….

Yesterday, today was tomorrow and tomorrow, today will be yesterday.

Words for today;     ⇑⇑  Incredible philosophy

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel

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