Posted by: Bruce | November 30, 2015

Foul, fowl happenings in the darkness of Wangi woods.

Pretty late on an average Saturday afternoon in Sept 2014, with backpack and fishing rod, I started along a deserted walking trail of Wangi Point.

Feeling fairly neutral, I wondered if a hearty rendition of an appropriate song bounced off the trees would be the go. Briefly I pondered the following….

The Happy Wanderer – you know, ….’my knapsack on my back, val-deri, val-dera, val-deri, val-dera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, val-deri…..

The Sound of Music – ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music’…. Julie Andrews as Maria.

Climbing Over Rocky Mountain – ‘climbing over rocky mountain, skipping rivulet and fountain, passing where the willows quiver’… from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance. [for the curious I added a video below].

Despite being tempted to skip rivulet and fountain, I lacked a dress and womans voice to carry it off. Instead, I murmured a few val-deri’s and val-dera’s but stopped fairly quickly as I came upon some unusual wildlife not far down the track.

1-13092014141 In the wrong place but doing their thing.

Two chooks scratching in the leaves and dirt  beside the track. They looked pretty healthy, weren’t frightened by me, but kept their distance. I went on my way and pondered further.

On my return about an hour later, there in the middle of the track were the chooks. This time, they approached me but stayed at arms length. Perhaps the imminent sunset reminded them of their freedom and vulnerability. Figuring they were lost or had been dumped, I decided to catch them if I could. Speaking frankly to my fine feathered friends, I told them of dangers in the dark, however this failed to draw them close enough to grab. I left without them but with a photo or two.

2-13092014145 Hullo hullo.

4-13092014148 I asked to borrow his comb. He didn’t like my joke.

The following day I returned about the same time, wondering not for the first time of their fate. I spotted feathers on the track and followed into the bush until the trail stopped. Not looking good.

5-14092014152 Safe – and a fowl selfie.

As I walked back later, I came to the same section of track and was surprised to find a solitary chook, limping a bit and looking in need of a friend. Today I had prepared; biscuit crumbs were all I needed to draw the chook close enough. A short ride home in the car and, with no safe housing, the chook was settled in the garage for a couple of nights. It was plain to see that this animal was used to people, a likeable chook for sure.

6-10966665_10204806717201784_1023575852_n De-stressing – photo by Madeline the Fabulous


Relaxed – photo by Madeline the Fabulous

Despite a notice on the community board of our local IGA supermarket and an ad in Gumtree, the chook(s) were not missed by anyone. Poor chooks. (Chooks, a funny word when you look at it more than once). Nevertheless, it seemed they’d been dumped by their owners; too many roosters in the pen was a suggestion by some. A cruel thing to do though.

On Tuesday I went to Rathmines veterinary clinic. Not their usual customer but they agreed to look at the limping chook and see if the owner called, maybe find a home for it. It looked like foxes were back at Wangi Pt, was a comment made regarding the trail of feathers. I had never seen foxes in that area but thought their presence likely; you could smell their dens along different parts of the tracks.

A few months later I called the vet and was told the chook, a rooster, now lived with a harem at Morisset High, agriculture being taught at this school. Pretty good ending for this bird. As for his friend missing in action, I was never sure of what happened although common sense tells me he became real bush tucker for local predators.

Late on a Tuesday almost two wks ago, I sat on waters edge of Wangi Pt contemplating the meaning of life. I had only been there a few minutes when a movement 10 meters away caught my eye. No, it wasn’t the missing chook. It was a fox walking the shoreline, head down toward me. When it was around 5 meters away, it raised its head and spotted me. Surprised, as I was, the fox quickly turned and disappeared into the bush. After a minute or so I realised that now I could finish the tale of two chooks. There really are foxes on the Point.

Words for today;   Dumping animals – a cruel thing to do.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel; in fact right now.

Posted by: Bruce | October 28, 2015

A cool change – Lake Macquarie, Australia

That’s doesn’t hold true on a hot day though. On the water you can cook yourself faster than on shore. As for a change of pace, the Lake gets a pretty solid workout by many.

Over the past year or two I’ve gathered some images and thought they might interest other eyes. A bit like street photography but on the water instead.

Just one click on any pic will quickly present enlarged images, one by one, for easy on the eye viewing.

Sometimes, listening while looking can be good. I was going for Cool Change by Little River Band but it seemed just a little serious. This time I’ll go with a toe tapper.

Words for today;    Maybe you’re in one of these photos (hope that’s okay).

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel

Posted by: Bruce | September 15, 2015

Tony Abbott P.M. no more – the fall guy walks.

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair, I’ve paid little attention to Australia’s Federal politics over the last month or two. I’ve contented myself with the brief news on the radio when driving. There was so little good stuff that I think I withdrew from the world of news for a short time.

Maybe that explains my internal calender being out a little yesterday when I first listened to Malcolm Turnbull throwing the gauntlet at Tony Abbott P.M. The challenge was on for Monday night, I didn’t realise it was the Monday night just a few hours away.

Having said that, this morning I raised my left eyebrow a little at the news that the Libs had done a Ruddy. The left/right combo of male and female pollies delivering the knockout blow seems to be trending well. At this time, Tony Abbott has remained tight lipped. I’m predicting a graceful speech on exit.

P.M. Malcolm Turnbull

P.M. Malcolm Turnbull

I think Tony Abbott thought he was safe from the party faithful based on the Australian electorate wanting stability. Got that wrong it seems and his time (six months on Lib probation) was up.

Politics is a pretty tough game. When Tony Abbott led the Coalition to electoral victory, he was the next best thing to sliced bread. His gang stood behind him nodding and wearing meaningful expressions for the camera. As time progressed, the gang thinned, the expressions bored or frightened depending on the interview topic.

As posted previously, the P.M. looked to be skating on thin ice and the prospect of being One Term Tony was, and is now, real. Walking with him to the back benches is Just Two Beers Joe. Will they be missed?

The Nationals of the Federal Coalition are not happy campers; P.M. Turnbull won’t get much of a honeymoon.

Given the title of this post, I must mention that I have sympathy for some Prime Ministers (not all) who are shown the backdoor very publicly. The very colleagues that clung to their coat tails while the going was good, fire them to oblivion to save themselves. Translated in political speak, that means to stay in power, be re-elected and then try to deliver there promises.

Some P.M.’s are ‘fall guys’. I reckon Tony Abbott goes close by his own hand.

Word for today;      ‘Fall guy’ – one attributed fault with or without foundation.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.

Posted by: Bruce | September 7, 2015

The wonders of me – one perfect day.

I wonder why this song played on a loop for me this morning from about 4.00 am. Perhaps listening to it will get it out my head. I like it though.

Words for today;     One perfect day – Little Heroes 1982

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channe

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