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Pictures of the Newcastle, NSW, Australia Floo...

Newcastle floods cnr King & Steel St – 8/6/2007

Bruce Rouse, married, 3 kids, 1 mortgage. I live in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, before that, Sydney.

I’m extraordinarily average (or averagely extraordinary as we all are).

This is where I give my views and reviews on anything that stirs me to rattle the keys. I’m also known to take a photo or two.

You can search on the main page (archives) for Aussie Politics or check out dedicated menu for Photography and YouTube music, you might find something of interest.

My photos, especially multiple images, with a click are shown in a gallery, reduced in resolution for faster loading and low data usage.

Me by me.


  1. G Day Bruce
    I just popped in for a quick look. Newcastle is possibly one of the best places along the coast certainly better that Sydney and different to Gosford. I noticed your link on a Miranda Divine blog
    Edward James


    • Howdy Edward, glad you stopped by. Hope you found something of interest.


  2. Hi Bruce–thanks for visiting my blog today…love what you are writing and it’s nice to read blogs from Australia…never been there but hope to go one day–it’s a long way from Canada’s eastern shore, though.
    Keep writing, and I’ll be back again soon.


    • Hi Sylvia, you kept your promise. I think you said you will read every comment, you must include ‘likes’ as well. I really liked your post; I’m a baby-boomer too and I guess we all start to wonder about future happenings with ourselves. I take heart in my Mum who is nudging 87yrs and still sharp; hopefully I will be too. My Dad didn’t fair as well for the last few years of his life following a few strokes. I was going to leave a comment for you but after reading those before me I found my offerings were well and truly covered. Nevertheless, your talent for stringing words together kind of contradicts your fears of being able to do so. I haven’t been to Canada but would love to one day. Hopefully we’ll talk again in the near future. Regards, Bruce


  3. Hi Bruce! Just wanted to stop by to say thanks so much for liking our recent post on bungy jumping in Japan. Much appreciated! 🙂


  4. Hi Bruce..great blog…I have sent you a message regarding Janet your unknown 2nd cousin in Brissie.


    • Hi Edwin and thanks. I’ll check my emails but I’m a little scared. Following family tree trails can have me in circles.


      • Hi Bruce very sad to hear about the death of John Clarke..he will be sadly missed…he was a great satirist and comedian..but more importantly a great human being…Janet told me he was out photographing birds in bushland in the Grampians…something he loved doing…Janet believes he must have had a heart attack…


      • Didn’t know about John Clarke, Eddie. I used to watch him with Bryan Dawe but haven’t done so for years. They certainly gave the stick to a few. I don’t think I’ll go photographing birds in the Grampians if Janet is right in what she says. John Clarke wasn’t all that old; at least he went doing something he enjoyed.


  5. P.S I love all your flicker bird photos…


    • Thanks for that Eddie. I have neglected my Flickr site for a while. I still check in fairly regularly but additions to photos have been few and far between. Birds are a pretty tough subject I find unless you have a co-operative Kookaburra. Regards.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi Bruce. Yes John Clarke was only 68. Too young to die. I have had a look an a lot of your photos on Flikr. Janet and i are both hobby photographers. The ones of the old buildings are very good and evoke a lot of nostalgia. Your seascapes landscapes,flora ,insects, marine life etc are all excellent. You have definitely honed your craft well. When i get a chance I will read some more of your blogs. Cheers


    • Thanks for your kind words Eddie. I’m glad you like the photos.


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