Posted by: Bruce | November 10, 2011

Aged, angry and arrogant – Omar Sharif


July 10,2015. Omar Sharif passed away from heart attack.


One thing about actors; I never really want to know much about the actual person who plays a character. Usually they are people and not at all like the one on the screen. For me, if I actually learn about the real person who acts eg. Omar Sharif, it seems to affect the way I view the movie in which they star.

It’s not that I’m putting down the person or that I think they are not worth knowing about; far from it because many are really interesting and decent people like the rest of us. It’s just that they are often so different to what I expect based on roles in which they act. I guess this is credit to their acting skills but it doesn’t really work that way for me. They lose some of their mystery by revealing themselves to the public. Then I find myself thinking of the person, not the actor, in a movie.

Because I know an actor is a person I also tend to wonder about things while watching them in a movie. Things such as; do they whine if they don’t get a coffee break? Do they spit a lot in some angry close-up scenes? Do they have B.O. (body odour)? Do they, or their co-stars, have bad breath? That must really be tough especially in a musical love story. Do they do drugs, have kids and so on.

Now in this case it’s Omar Sharif of Doctor Zhivago fame. Apparently a heart throb for many a woman. Except I find he has an anger problem. He tries to slap a fan at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival at Qatar but seems to miss. He now just looks and acts like a grumpy, arrogant old man. Has he always been that way towards women? Women whose little hearts went pitter-patter?

It’s a shame I had to read this bit of news because now when I see something on the screen with Omar Sharif in it, it will be tainted by my knowledge that he tried to belt a woman, a fan, across the face, like a cranky old bastard.

The fact that Sharif doesn’t seem to connect with the womans face doesn’t alter his clear intentions. The fact that the fan may have been annoying doesn’t alter the fact either. He went for it, to hit her in the face; just luck he seems to miss and got hair.

Why the woman still wanted to pose with this guy is a bit beyond my understanding.

Similar mystery applies to Sharif; why wasn’t he charged or at least made accountable for his actions? Maybe he just doesn’t (or never did) give a crap.

Word for today; Arrogant – a feeling of superiority.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.


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