Posted by: Bruce | May 5, 2013

Julia Gillard (PM) leadership challenge – no crying over spilled ilk.

From my ordinary political armchair, some extraordinary politics with elections in September, 2013.

On the 21st March 2013, final day of parliament before a seven week break, Minister Simon Crean called for a leadership spill to end the months of speculation and bad polling for the Labor Government. Prime Minister Julia Gillard agreed (probably thinking ‘Gawwwwd, not agaaain’).

Rudd and Gillard - a Google imageAs we know, Minister Kevin Rudd (the main contender and usually referred to in the press as Former Prime Minister Rudd) did not contest the leadership. He announced that he had promised to not contest the leadership again and that was that. He also said the promise only held if the numbers were not in his favour. This made sense to me but I hadn’t heard the terms before. I did therefore, find this at odds with his actions this day; suggesting a halo could be appropriate. It seems it was always a conditional promise. In any case the status quo was maintained for P.M. Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan.

Simon Crean - a Google imageMinister Simon Crean, apparently by his own actions, was hung out to dry in political wasteland. Did he think Kevin Rudd had the numbers, was he acting on his own or was he pushed into the brave new world of one (1) player walking the plank?

As far as Kevin Rudd, his supporters and Simon Crean are concerned, the status quo was not maintained. Those of the challenger ilk got the boot, demoted, maybe lost some perks and were sent to the naughty benches to ponder September.

Golden Handshake - a Google imageFor the supporters of Julia Gillard, that is the junior MP’s; their status quo also changed. Inexperienced MP’s propelled into Ministerial positions and pay packets. Talk about luck, an employer with a high turnover of staff. With the odds in favour of being voted out in six months, their golden handshakes have just received an enormous increase. They ought to buy Simon Crean a beer or two, but I think it would have to be by proxy.

Currently, P.M. Gillard is enjoying some rare success and good press over the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). If she gets this up, she may finish before the elections on a good note and maybe, just maybe, think she has a chance of re-election.

As an average voter a few stand-outs from Labour that will be with me at the polling booth.

# PM Kevin Rudd, wheeling, dealing and dominating without consultation; acting as a know it all.

# The disgusting and undignified manner in which the Labor Party axed P.M. Kevin Rudd and shoe-horned Julia Gillard into the PM’s chair. Mr Rudd was the face voters asked for. Whoever pulled the strings here (an inside job) have outdone The Dismissal of Gough Whitlam.

# The dignified manner in which Kevin Rudd conducted himself after his rude de-throning.

#”Moving Forward”- One of the most boring, annoying, blockheaded, irritating and stinky election slogans ever.

# The asylum seeker boats fiasco. Childishly revamped from a working, fairly successful scheme (by the Libs) to an out of control free for all.

# Minority govt’s don’t work very well when shackled to other parties of different persuasions.

# P.M. Gillard being dragged to safety, one shoe on, after an incident in Canberra.

# Yet more taxes for everyone, Carbon and Mineral, but watered down to being ineffective. Medicare levy to be increased to ‘help’ pay for the NDIS. How long has the Australian public been wondering when the pollies will get to the Medicare levy?

# Bonuses being paid to compensate for taxes that didn’t live up to the Opposition forecast of doom and gloom.

#An education revolution that hasn’t yet happened. Also, PM Gillards words approx. “we are not reducing the monies spent on Universities, just spreading it out differently”. Does this revolution also mean that those educated before the successful revolution, are poorly educated?

#Even if Kevin Rudd had the numbers, would he want to be the one remembered as going down with the ship?

Meanwhile, Australia has still been ticking along and so most of the daily business of government has been proceeding. The media continues to provide sensational cannon fodder for me and these views are totally from my own armchair.

BBH Rating:   Labours Performance to date     ~    5/10

Word for today:     ILK       Of the same family, class or kind.

More to come;      same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Your points are mostly worthy, but I really can’t agree that Kevin Rudd has behaved in a dignified manner. I’d say that any sneaky tactic he could pull, he did. He probably felt that all is fair in politics and war. Trouble is that I also worry about the Libs reinstating IR in another gise and reintroducing unfair dismissal laws and all those other things that would surely affect the vulnerable.


    • Hi Mary, I was hoping my comment about his projection of a halo at the leadership spill, would demonstrate that things were back to a politician’s normal sort of behaviour, but it looks as though that didn’t work. I do believe he acted with dignity on his own behalf and that of the position of Prime Minister following his humiliating dumping. As the dust settled though I agree it was back to business for him. I think he always knew he carried some public sympathy but the sympathy and whatever else happened behind the scenes, didn’t get him back into the top job.
      As for the Libs, my next post will probably be on Tony Abbott and Industrial Relations is definitely getting a mention. I think we have some common ground there. Thanks for your comment.


      • Bruce, looking forward to that next post.


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