Posted by: Bruce | May 22, 2016

The wonders of me: Gary Brabham guilty, no remorse. Justice?

While others face court for sex offences against children then head for jail without much fuss, those with public profiles usually hit the headlines for all to see.

imagesIn this case, Gary Brabham, being a son of racing identity Jack Brabham, is one of those grubs found guilty of child rape. He has been sentenced to more than two years in jail, suspended after six (6) months. The judge commented that no remorse has been shown by Brabham.

Apparently married, it was revealed that this is his second conviction on child sex offences and had already spent time in Wacol prison, Brisbane.

Six (6) months jail appears inadequate.

I can’t help but wonder how a thief would have fared if found guilty of stealing on a second occasion. The crime of stealing often seems to be treated more seriously than those committed on a person. Chances are he/she would have been looking through bars for a similar period as that of Brabham.

Word for today;   Publicity – Yet another high profile but not an ‘untouchable’.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. It turns my stomach, Bruce. I can’t say any more, except that I wouldn’t mind bringing back the death penalty for grubs like this.

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    • The 6 months just doesn’t seem enough does it Mary? Hopefully it stops him from doing it again but time will tell if he hasn’t already done so.


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