Posted by: Bruce | June 29, 2012

Australia’s Carbon Tax, Star Trek and uncool price increases for car air-conditioning.

Don’t want to hit the panic button too early but as a matter of interest I had the air-conditioning on my old car serviced the other day.

When I rang to book the car in (same guy from previous years), he said my call was good timing. He expanded by saying that his industry was in a flutter because some sources are predicting cost increases of between 300% to 400% for a new type of gas (carbon beautiful I suppose) which should be hitting the market in around 4 weeks time. Perhaps he was just saying this to ensure I booked in; it worked. He did repeat his story once I was there and predicted a lot of auto air-conditioning businesses closing. Time will tell.

Anyway, P.M. Gillard said things will be fine for us poor folk. I thought they would too as we were all going to be rich and benefit greatly from the Mining Tax. Why, we might be just like those middle east oil producing countries and all zoom around in left-hand drive Mercs. And, P.M.Gillard says the Housing Assistance Package should fix things so there is no need to worry. But didn’t P.M.Gillard promise that there would not be a Carbon Tax?

Maybe just like Labours P.M. some years ago, Paul Keating, who talked of the ‘recession we had to have’ ; this Carbon Tax is something we have to have too.

Words for today:   Australia’s Carbon Tax

Its mission;  to boldly go where no G.S.T. (Liberal Gov’t)  has gone before.

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Hi,
    Very good idea getting the car done. We also have done a fair bit before the carbon tax hits us. We got the house painted, both cars have been serviced, we have stock piles on a lot of things. I have enough washing powder to last just over 2 years, cleaning products that will last just over a year, I have also stocked up on the usual bathroom accessories, big 700 gr tins of coffee, the chest freezer is full of meat, about 6 mths worth, and the list goes on.

    I also know a lot of others that have done the same. It will take I’m guessing about 6 mths to work it’s way through the economy, and then people will start to feel the impact. Woolworth’s said their electricity will go up about $250,000 to $500,000 depending on the size of the supermarket, all those costs will be passed down,plus the extra cost of delivering those products as well.
    (oops, sorry about the long comment)


    • Hi Mags, you certainly have done your bit to prepare for the Carbon Tax. It seems like such an unknown quantity to be heading our way; the pollies somehow have quantified it but I think it’s a tax that will go everywhere and on everything, food included. If Labour are turfed out next election, I bet Tony Abbott doesn’t remove the C.T. either. Bruce


  2. Wait until people find out how much their rates are going to go up as the councils have to pay more for running street lights, traffic lights, dump fees etc. Which means all rents will go up as well, the list just keeps going.
    I do think Abbott will get rid of it, and I do believe if Labor would of said no to the Greens in the first place I know that Labor would not of done this either.


    • I guess time will tell if we’re stuck with it. Speaking of councils, my next post is on my local council who have been placing very expensive signs around towns and then going for rates hikes outside of the norm. This council also runs a tip so we’re to be hit from a few different angles.


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