Posted by: Bruce | October 25, 2010

Football, neat eyes, Yankaroos and railroad cars.

Some thoughts on NSW Premier Kristina Keneally; an Ohio raised, American accented  Aussie replacing Nathan Rees (who seemed okay) as determined by the powerbrokers in the NSW Labour Party. (Nathan Rees had to be driven to hospital to have all the knives removed from his back. In hindsight he had been Rudded).

And so we meet and greet our first female premier in what had become a game of musical chairs with the media and public tuned in. Not the ideal way to break glass ceilings but oh well.

I immediately felt sorry for the woman. In footy talk she had been sold a dumper; that is, when she takes the pass she is going to be hammered, flattened and face first into the grass, no question. Then, lifting up her muddied face what would she see?

Trouble ahead, the honeymoon (if there was one) was over and it’s down to business. The Hulk (voters and a laughing NSW opposition) blocking her way and waving State election banners.

What a task. Most would say impossible. Given the recent history of the NSW government (Labour), their performance, their utter arrogance (making the Askin gov’t look pure as the driven snow), how could Kristina Keneally even volunteer for such a job?Knowing that failure was a near certainty and she would be remembered in this context speaks of one either naive or very brave and determined.

Recently, two more MP’s pulled the pin (Graham West and Ian McDonald) following a string of others that have had to resign in disgrace, controversy or perceived self preservation. I wonder of Premier Kristina Keneally who seems to get some momentum only to have the Hulk step in front of her. She must feel like a mother hen with very naughty children constantly grinding her down.

I listened to Steve Liebmann on morning talkback radio and he was asking the question; What must the Premier think when she wakes in the morning to hear the news of yet another resignation? Doesn’t she want to give up? What does it take to get on a roll? I see endurance with a bit of style. 

I hope it continues because the O’Farrell Opposition, the apparent Government in waiting, shouldn’t get a walk up start. They just might kick off with arrogance and really, despite all the faults of the Labour Government, the Opposition has never been on fire.

Does the Premier think the election is still up for grabs? Just like The Little Engine That Could, does the Premier think she Keneally do it? Is her mantra; I think I can, I think I can….?

Maybe before the State elections in March 2011, she will do an Arnie and say ‘I’ll be back’.

Word for today: Pun;  a play on words. Incredible ones by me this time.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.


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