Posted by: Bruce | January 18, 2016

Skinny Girls – Alan O’Day

Here’s a song I’ve always liked; a one hit wonder from around 1980.

Thanks to YouTube I can watch some gorillas (or whatever they are) move with the music while the lyrics scroll by. I like the lyrics and knew only a few of them.

I couldn’t decide which video to post so went with these two. I’m guessing the second video might just appeal to guys a little more than the first.

Having said that, I haven’t watched the second video. Okay, you’re right, I have.


Words for today:  Skinny Girls – I suppose this song is politically incorrect, but I like it.

More to come:   same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Honestly, Bruce where do you come up with them? I laughed myself silly.


    • Usually on YouTube Mary. Sometimes I go looking for a song etc and all sorts of things pop up with a search, such as these gorillas. I then wonder if anyone else might like to see how my mind works!


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