Posted by: Bruce | January 2, 2015

You are my sunshine – buckle up for Jimmie Wakely and the Sunshine Girls.

I can’t help myself. I found this along with the little gem from Korby Lenker and Marion Grace which is just a couple of posts back.

So if you’re game; strap yourself in. Check the footwork by the guys and girls, the pocket action, the eye action, the backs to camera action. Don’t miss the final applause by a crowd kept in line by two guys at the back.

Word for today;    Retro – Jimmie Wakely and the Sunshine Girls 1940’s. Love the harmony with a yodel thrown in.

More to come;     same blog channel



  1. My mother used to wear her hair like the middle sunshine girl.


    • Do you think the style will make a return Mary?


      • I doubt it. You’d need to spend a lot of time in curlers or at the hairdresser’s.


      • That wouldn’t worry me because I don’t intend doing my hair like that! Not this week anyway.
        Given that your Mum didn’t have a microwave, dishwasher etc, how did she find the time for that hairstyle?
        Wouldn’t women have more time now considering the mod cons that are pretty standard?
        …or maybe the time saved now is filled by going to work or F/Book or blogging?


      • Don’t know how she found the time, Bruce. In those days you just made time. Presenting well was important. I know that she set up rollers at night and tried not to disturb them (ouch). (Don’t let on I told you.).
        Haven’t you worked it out yet? The more mod cons the more time poor we are?


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