Posted by: Bruce | December 31, 2014

Auld Lang Syne – Audrianna Cole.

Happy New Year for 2015.

Words for today;   Happy New Year

More to come;   same blog channel.


  1. Can’t hear it right now, but will check out Audrianna when I get home. Who is she, Bruce?


    • I don’t know Mary. It was almost midnight and I thought I’d say Happy New Year to anyone who maybe found their way to my blog. I liked her voice and the words are clear. I don’t usually post stuff on these occasions….
      AND, with the headphones on, I wanted a woman singing in my ear.


  2. I’ve come back for old Lang syne.


    • I’m glad. I’m yet to comment on your last post. The print may have cooled a bit by now!


      • It’s not that, Bruce, I just felt like a visit and it’s the only way to chat.


      • Sorry Mary, didn’t mean it that way. I’m glad you came back to look at Auld Lang Syne. It just reminded me to go back to your last post which I read the day it was posted. Sometimes I comment on a post, sometimes not. Sometimes I go back many days later to leave a comment after tossing it around for a while. I have a nice, cool, rainy day here, how about you?


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