Posted by: Bruce | January 26, 2015

Australia Day 2015 – a cool day.

It’s surprisingly cool, around 22*C and showers. It’s cool being able to focus on being an Australian; it’s cool for those that are being sworn in as Australian citizens.

Our new Australians probably know more detailed history of Australia than I do. Weren’t Italians and Greeks once called new Australians?

Another cool thing about today was a couple I saw when I stopped at my local supermarket (plug for IGA). While waiting on ham for a sammo or two, a guy and girl walked in decked out in Aussie flag colours and clothing. The guy even wore a flag type cape and head band and could have passed for SuperOz. They left before I could get a pic; I really liked their outfits.

This super Aussie couple are the reason I decided on this post. The last Australia Day or two, I found myself thinking, but not saying, a lot about this country in which I was lucky to be born. It is a great place to live but we will have to work to keep it this way.

The music following represents a little abstract time travel for me.

As a kid and as a young shaver (if bum fluff could be considered shaving material), Australia Day was just a holiday.

As a grown up, Australia Day means a whole lot more.

Word for today;    Bum fluff – facial hair that is so sparse it can be considered as good as the fluff on one’s bottom. (

More to come;    same blog channel


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