Posted by: Bruce | March 4, 2014

Street photography – Port Stephens, 2014

Jan 12, 2014. A great view and interesting passing parade. Different, anonymous people with the same curiosity.

Marine Rescue Radio Base, Nelson Bay Lighthouse, Port Stephens is the location. Excellent pancakes and coffee can be had while taking in the scenery.

It’s street photography, near water. Just click on a pic. for detailed, large images that are easy on the eye.

Word for today;        Selfies – these aren’t really selfies.

More to come;      same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Nice photos, Bruce, but what about that woman with the huge tattoo on her back. I know that it’s not all bikers in leather jackets that these days, but wow, why would you graffiti your body like that?


    • Thanks Mary. The guy also has his arms with tattoos and I think from memory some on his legs. They don’t stand out in the photo. But the roses do, no doubt. I don’t think I’d like a tattoo forever.
      It’s good that I don’t know them and therefore can just decide whether I like the image or not.
      They would have to really like the image though, because they’re stuck with it. Perhaps on her back is okay, she would never see it much.
      Having said that, I like the roses.


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