Posted by: Bruce | March 9, 2014

Tony Abbott P.M. and Australia, land of the fair go.

From my stuffed political armchair;

It’s been a few months now since I heard the words ‘Australia is the land of the fair go’. I was driving to and from somewhere and Meryl Swanson, host on a radio talkback show, was the person delivering this infrequently heard, optimistic, Aussie saying.

As cars chopped and changed lanes I fleetingly wondered if that holds for Australians these days. Probably I figured, but politicians (especially Federal) flashed, like a neon sign, as the exception. This thought stayed with me until recently…..

Tony Abbott said he would ‘stop the boats’; meaning people smuggling boats for paying, hopeful asylum seekers. He had only been in the job for a few months but the strategy so far appears to be reasonably successful. Credit where credit is due.

Best intentions aside, the Rudd/Gillard Labour Gov’t totally stuffed the policy and handling of people smugglers/asylum seekers arriving by boat. They opened the floodgates and it seemed there were boats enough to be used as stepping stones from Indonesia (rest area) to Australia.

Christmas Island 2010. 50 dead.From where I sit, the Federal Opposition Leader and Greens Leader should pull their heads in. What the hell are they going on about in Parliament? Trying to make something out of nothing, being kept in the dark? They sound like childish, poor losers to me.

During Lab/Greens terms of gov’t, asylum seekers were just about a daily newsflash (here and world-wide) and boats were bumper to bumper with an increased risk of tragedy. Who can forget Christmas Island?

Labour and the Greens had their chance and they blew it big time. The people smugglers were in control, Australia was being used as a doormat.

The Abbott governments stategy should get a fair go. It won’t be perfect but it’s a hell of a lot better than what we had. Hopefully it can develope to something better still and get the nod from both sides of politics. Time will tell.

Word for today:         Fair  –  reasonable, equal, evenly matched, given a chance.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel


  1. I’ve dropped in several times, Bruce. Agree with what you have to say about the attitude of the Greens and Labour but. I feel that we are becoming less and less the land of a fair go. Certainly there a plans afoot to stop us from being the land of a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. When it comes to unions we’ve come full circle. People forget why they were established in the first place and how hard it was to do so.


    • Sounds like you are thinking of the wonderful “Workchoices” which Mr T. Abbott (as Oppos.Ldr) said was out, dead and buried. But later, before elections, said was out in his first term. No such thing as never with the pollies is there? Once they get an idea it won’t go away. In fact I’d go as far as saying the PM has done a Gillard; a complete turnabout as with the carbon tax. (must be a post in this).
      I agree about the unions Mary. I wonder what profile the unions have amongst the later generations. My kids hardly know that they are.


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