Posted by: Bruce | July 5, 2012

Australia’s Carbon Tax, Lake Macquarie City Council and Signs of Things to Come


Plus this

plus this

equals around $90,000.00.

Perhaps we should stick a floating sign in the Lake for those boaters approaching from the east.

I think these signs are pretty ordinary, and in my opinion I just can’t see them being worth $30,000.00 each. With three (3) signs for Toronto and at least two (2) for Morisset plus all other significant town centres, this is an obscene amount of money on a very ordinary display. How many signs are we talking here, what is the cost?

Every time I go past the Toronto sign (having to read the letters from the ground up?) all I see is $30,000.00. The only ones happy with the price would be the manufacturers contracted to keep on turning out these money spinners.

It’s true I’m not up with the price of making a sign but ….at $30,000.00 a pop the sign could at least make me a coffee if I went near it.

Next we have this article on the Federal Government stating that Councils with Waste Disposal sites (Awaba tip comes to mind) will be paying higher carbon taxes than those without a tip…..

And last but not least, we have Lake Macquarie City Council being awarded the right to impose rocketing rate rises over 7 years and well in excess of the maximum cap on rate rises.

Perhaps If I am an economist or, have the time and capability to  research and analyse the numbers, this expenditure, residentially, commercially and Carbon Taxy might just appear justified, or do we have a prodigal Council?

As it stands, I’m not, I don’t and I vote. I think the cost of the signs is obscene, LMCC not justified in this spend up while at the same time applying for extra-ordinary rate rises (Carbon Tax already on the go) which will be very difficult for many. And the Carbon Tax on LMCC is just a TAX. It will be passed from top to bottom, as with any other business with increased costs. That was always going to happen.

Word(s) for today;

Australia’s Carbon Tax;    Garbage, it’s just a tax.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. That is just ridiculous and more (everyone) should rock the vote!!!


    • I think you’re right about the vote. Next elections at two levels of gov’t will see a backlash I think; although I don’t think I’ll see you here at the voting booths! Bruce


  2. There is going to be a lot of money collected from the carbon tax, unfortunately paid for by the people.


    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree about the money collected and who really pays. To give a balanced opinion is difficult because most of us are not economists. I think this is just a tax, but it may, as apparently intended, rob the rich and give back to the poor. I have also found some info, from Australia and overseas that indicates a Carbon Tax is a good thing and the kind of tax that businesses prefer. That’s a turn-up from the doom and gloom predictions. I’ll post a short bit on balancing the opinion soon. Bruce


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