Posted by: Bruce | July 10, 2012

Australia’s Carbon Tax; a HAP and a PAP and on a good thing?

With all the doom and gloom about the introduction, from 1st July 2012, of Australia’s Carbon Tax I thought I’d introduce some articles that say a Carbon Tax is a good thing and more.

For us poor folk the Gillard Labour Government has put together the Household Assistance Package which will assist low income households by $10.10 per week. Other benefits also a possibility. A couple of links to put you onto the money follow…

Government cuts down list of carbon polluters – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Household Assistance Package

Following the HAP is what I like to call the PAP; the Politicians Assistance Package. Here is a link to the news article showing a 3% increase to all Australian Federal Politicians which kicks off at around $100.00/week. This little bonus was awarded in the first week of July 2012 along with the Carbon Tax.

As an aside in this article, former Labor power broker Graham Richardson says our politicians should be paid a lot more and cites various examples to justify his words. I do understand his reasoning but think he will have a hard time selling it to the Australian public given the Government’s and Opposition’s  failure to put egos aside and solve the asylum seeker crisis in Australia.

On a brighter note, I found various, reputable articles stating that the Carbon Tax will be a good, if not great, thing and that other countries already running a Carbon Tax are seeing huge benefits in their economies. It seems that the Carbon Tax is thought of as a better tax system than their current system. I thought we were about the only country with a Carbon Tax but apparently not.

A Carbon Tax, Sensible for All –

Report: US should follow Australia’s lead by taxing carbon – The Hill’s E2-Wire

Businesses reject Abbott’s vow to repeal carbon tax

In Australia we have Income tax, a Goods and Services Tax, excise tax, direct taxes, State taxes to name a few; and now a Carbon Tax. This is where I’d like to be an economist and understand just how a Carbon Tax can be a good and/or better system of tax.

Reading some of these articles though, creates for me, enough reason for pause and consideration, to entertain that Australia’s Carbon Tax may not be all rubbish.

Word for today:

TRUST;     to sell or deliver on credit.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.

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