Posted by: Bruce | March 25, 2010

Newcastle Railway Station – another Circular Quay? Going, going……gone?

Newcastle Station - a Google image

As a kid growing up in Sydney, Australia, travelling into the big smoke by train was the go. Getting out of the train at Circular Quay and peering over the wall on the Harbour side at the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the ferries was a spectacular way to begin a days adventure. Checking the city side was great too.

As an adult nothing’s changed and I’m sure most Sydneysiders and tourists feel the same.

I moved to Newcastle, but with my kids, still visit the big smoke occasionally and get the same kick out of Circular Quay station.

This has everything to do with Newcastle station in case you are wondering. Working in or visiting Newcastle centre, I view this station as a kind of Circular Quay. My kids like it too. There’s no shuffling between buses etc with prams, kids, the elderly or disabled.

It’s the end of the line and the exploring can begin. It’s a drop off point that makes the city and tourism features accessible. The station also has a country feel about it.

Keeping Newcastle station with ease of access for work and places of interest gets my vote. People will still need to get to the same place one way or another. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Sadly, I think, the decision was made long ago and the visit to Newcastle by NSW Premier Kristina Keneally is just window dressing for the announcement. Depends on when an election will be held though. Popular decisions get votes. If the Keneally Gov’t doesn’t make the announcement, the next Government will do so pretty quickly after their own window dressing; that includes pretend consultation.

Update: 28/11/2014

Well the decision to kill the continuous rail link to the heart of Newcastle was made. No surprise.

But wait, there’s more;   the new Newcastle Court House, due to open it’s doors for business in July 2015, is creating a stir by re-igniting the debate over the plans to chop the line into Newcastle. Located on Hunter and Burwood Sts, the court would be well served by Civic Station just across the road.

Neither the previous Labour State Gov’t nor this Liberal State Gov’t instill any level of confidence in me. Given previous and present levels of corruption and incompetence, how can a decision by this lot have much credibility of representation?

Aerial of Newcastle Station - A Google image

Aerial of Newcastle - a Google image

Word for today: Potential; Newcastle Station.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.

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