Posted by: Bruce | March 22, 2010

Middle East or the Wicked West – where is Home Sweet Home?

Two thoughts prompted this article. The first is a question of names, the second is about home sweet home and keeping it that way.

Why is it that countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey and so on are called middle eastern countries and those others (the infidels?) are western? Is it religious, political or economy oriented naming?

Check out a world globe. My home is Australia and is south east of the middle east. Directly east of the middle east is the USA and Great Britain is west north west of the middle east. I guess if there is no east of the middle east then every country would eventually be classed as west of the middle east.

Australia is a great country and I’m lucky I was born here. With all the political, economic and civil upheavals around the world it’s no wonder people head down under. Despite our faults and foibles, both historical and present, it is a great place to live.

The foregoing leads me to immigration (legal/illegal) and asylum seekers or refugees. In particular, those from the middle eastern/muslim countries.

Mosque by the road.

I don’t understand why those who live in middle eastern countries migrate to a country which comes under the banner of an evil western society. We can’t be all that bad (and we are not). A little research helped with my concerns and indications are that most Muslims don’t consider the western countries as evil and depraved. In fact some groups within the USA  state that they are able to practice and enjoy their religion in a way not possible in their original homeland.

Kings Cross - Australia

Accepting that Australia is a great place to live, why do I feel uneasy about reports that some Muslims are flying the flag for introducing aspects of Sharia Law, which is based on Islamic tradition and religion? Keysar Trad, president of Islamic Friendship Association of Australia has voiced this desire saying that it will be advantageous for Muslim women. I have posted articles on Sharia Law previously, after seeing examples reported in Iran and Sudan. Women don’t fare well.

I don’t begin to understand what seems to be such subjective religious law, administered by men, favouring men over women. Amnesty International have a lot to say regarding the unfair treatment of women under Sharia law.

Thus, my uneasy feeling with Australia being a great place to live but perhaps not good enough for others.

Is this one small step for Sharia law and one giant leap for changing Australia into the home sweet home that was rejected and left behind?

Word for today:  Progress;   to move forward.

More to come: same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. As i see it William this is a clear consequence of “multiculturalism and our own cultural cringe, When I came here in the sixties as a immigrant there was simply no affordable way to continue to have close contact with the life that we had left behind so we just had to make or life here, as Poms we had no trouble with the language but we had to become part of the larger society here just as the Greeks and Italians had to.
    Usually it is the second generation who suffer from multiculturalism because they can end up feeling that they don’t belong to the culture of their parents or to the culture of the birth country either.This alienation makes them ripe for the surety of religious extremism


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