Posted by: Bruce | November 6, 2009

A Big Kick for Cowards

Following on from King Hits? I Don’t Think So; I can’t come to terms with the violence shown on television which shows the boot going in.

I’m not talking about going for a goal; I mean the head or body or whatever part is available.

I guess there has always been the lowies, the dirty fighters who hurt someone in any way they can. Maybe we just see more images on the telly these days. When I was younger you didn’t. Now it’s everywhere you look. Deliberate pain and injury to post on UTube.

Some of my clearest, earlier images displayed on telly showing the boot going in were from riots at soccer games. I like soccer, played in competitions in my school days. These kickers can’t possibly be fans of the game. Unfair, animalistic and cowardly. They ruin it for everyone else.

Bars, nightclubs, stations, schools; anywhere a fight flares. Not too many are fair fights. Someone has to kick, has to put the boot in, has to stomp someone, has to really hurt someone; not just win the fight. The damage a kick can do, makes your blood run cold.

It’s been a cultural change for the worse, it’s now a cultural cringe. Kicks for cowards.

More to come; perhaps same blog time, same blog channel.

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