Posted by: Bruce | November 5, 2009

Opinions (mine), average or otherwise

I must have been a frustrated radio talkback listener. An average person with an opinion.

Sometimes the subjects interested me, sometimes not. Occasionally, when closely following a subject (eg. violence deliberately filmed on phones then u tubed) I wanted to jump on the phone and say;  This is what I think. Does anyone else think the same?  But of course I didn’t; I didn’t have time.

Blogging allows me to do this. It also allows me to go a bit further.

Ask me for an opinion. If anyone wants an opinion from an average person, consider me. It may stretch my limited intellect, I may not be able to offer an opinion on the subject nominated, but so what. I’ll try. Could be challenging.

More to come;  Don’t know about same blog time, but it will be same blog channel.


  1. I will keep a note to stop by on occasion especially when I have an opinion. Nice Blog… Take Care!


    • Well getmobetter, thanks for your comment and compliment. I’d be pleased to hear or offer an opinion at some time in the future. Checked your blog; Nicer; take care too.


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