Posted by: Bruce | November 8, 2009

Silly Statements, Not Smart

Australian Politics;  I’ll make this short and sweet. But it’s two silly statements I have to get off my chest.

John Howard, ex Australian Prime Minister; in the long lead up to the last elections: Speaking on his parties Work Choices Industrial Legislation (which allowed for individual negotiation of work place agreements) said that the provisions of this legislation were made for just this economic situation ie. low unemployment figures making it an employees market. Employees as young as 18yrs could directly negotiate with their employers for the conditions they wanted.

Having worked in industrial relations for 20yrs I knew that most adults could not successfully negotiate their own conditions, let alone young people. There was no mention of how this would work when it came to the reverse ie. higher unemployment (todays employment climate).

Ex Treasurer, Peter Costello, speaking on petrol prices going through the roof and feeding inflation (around the same time) said that he didn’t think retailers would pass on the cost of higher fuel prices during this time.

Silly statements from smart people.

More to come: same blog time, same blog channel


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