Posted by: Bruce | October 24, 2016

Wangi Centenary Festival 2016 – photos

Sunday Oct 23, 2016 presented clouds, blue sky and cool wind following a worrying wet and windy Saturday.

On the foreshore near Wangi Wangi RSL was where the main action hovered. Wangi Wangi public school drew a pretty good crowd. I’m not sure whether the event was a stand alone for the school or part of the Centenary Celebrations, but a small percentage of the takings would have been okay.

I didn’t get to sample the music from the picnic shelter but Todd Sergeant from 2NURfm sat in the chilly wind at the other end of the shelter, doing his thing. I said hullo and it was good to put a face to his voice that I’ve heard more than once.

A few photos seemed the order of the day. A click on any pic will quickly present larger, low resolution images (low data use) that are easier on the eye

Words for today:           Wangi Centenary Celebrations

More to come:     same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Will have to hunt up 2nur fm and Todd Seargent. Is it fm music or talkback, Bruce? Looks like there was lots of fun to be had.


    • FM music mostly Mary. The station is run by Newcastle Uni. There is some talk back. I usually only listen to the radio when I’m driving so can’t say what happens all day. They have programs that cater to a wide variety of music lovers such as jazz, the oldies, instrumental, classical, and those from far away origins. The crowd seemed pretty good for a small town. Fancy the look of Todd Sergeant Mary?


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