Posted by: Bruce | November 12, 2013

Finian Egan, alias Father Finian Egan – Guilty

November 4, 2013 and this grub of a human being, Finian Egan is found guilty of rape and sexual assault on girls aged 10-17 yrs.

Finian Egan - alias Father Finian Egan

Finian Egan – alias Father Finian Egan

He was convicted by a jury at Downing Centre District Court, Sydney and is on conditional bail until sentencing on December 16, 2013. Why?

Why isn’t he staring at the bars of a cell? Most others would be.

Lock the mongrel up now. He doesn’t deserve any consideration, any time to prepare for hopefully, the rest of his life in jail.

This low life, named Finian Egan, raped a girl in the nuns dormitory, then drove her to a neighbouring  parish and made her confess what she had done.

An evil man. He’s a wolf in sheeps clothing, a deceiver, a manipulator, a dangerous predator who, for decades, hid behind the Churches protective skirts, and still does. He thought he’d get away with it, fooled everyone, but finally he didn’t.

Finian Egan - alias Father Egan

Finian Egan – alias Father Egan

Two more things:

It annoys the hell out of me that he is still called a Catholic Priest and/or Father Finian Egan. He was never that. What an insult to the name father, and I’m not Catholic. In a video on one of the links, the Channel 10 reporter keeps asking Egan questions but refers to him as Father Egan; why? Calling him just Egan would be doing him a courtesy. There are other, more deserving names available.

And what of tender, nurturing nuns in the Church? One of his victims cut off her hair to look less attractive to Egan. When she told one of the nuns of her assault she was called a ‘filthy little liar’ and made to swallow castor oil.

image’d like to see that nun taking a bit of her own medicine, now. No liability or responsibility? No wonder the predators survive so well in the Church.

Update December 16, 2013.

Abuse victims confront Egan in Downing Centre District Court. The Catholic Church also confronted for its shameful, hypocritical actions.

The article mentions that Crown Prosecutors are seeking a custodial sentence. Is there any doubt that this low-life Egan won’t be staring through prison bars?

Words for today;    Castor oil

Meant to be medicinal, but disgusting and gag inducing when trying to swallow it.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. I share your sentiments exactly, Bruce.

    Why, in general, does society make a habit out of victim blaming?



    • Disgraceful and mind-blowing. Some of these kids, instead of help, were punished further by the nuns. I’d love to see some of the nuns put in the witness box in these cases.


  2. Father Finigan Egan is a close friend of the current Attorney General, Greg Smith. When it comes to Egan they should throw the keys away. However the days of objective and impartial judgments are long gone so it will be interesting to see if Smith is ready to step in and save his mate. Egan should not be spared. If he is, we all know who is behind it. It’s who you know and who you are. Simon Cooper, a Judiciary member, should be doing time but he’s not, thanks to Judge Stephen Norrish.


    • Egan should have been tossed in jail immediately. So should Cooper. Two grubs back in a hole. I don’t understand why they haven’t been and it certainly seems like a case of ‘who you know’. What a slap in the face for the victims.I checked your site after approving your comments; it appears that you have your own reasons for not being a fan of Norrish etc. Nevertheless, your comment on the post for Simon Cooper and this post on Egan stand alone with your own valid opinions. Thanks again for commenting Mar. Regards, Bruce


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