Posted by: Bruce | November 14, 2013

Jaguar x760 – That’s not a Jag.

Jaguar (x760) I think.

Jaguar (x760) I think.

An ad for this car popped onto my screen a little while ago, a Jaguar x760. I looked carefully. I had to, to see if it really was a Jag.

I thought;  it’s not a Jag but it is a car. If it’s a car then it can’t be an Alfa Romeo. So?

Apparently it’s a Jaguar.

No argument that the cars now are safer, technologically advanced marvels and more efficient in terms of economy and performance than the cars left in the past. That goes for Jags too of course.

But why is it so hard to tell it’s a Jag just as some other models before it? There’s hardly a hint of its heritage, of British leather and oil on wheels.

One thing about a Jag. You didn’t need a name tag on the boot to tell you its breed and some of their models fill the bill.

Despite this car looking pretty cool though, it resembles a Holden Commodore, Ford, Camry, Subura, Honda, and Mazda sedan to name a few. A generic shape that is pretty boring. Click on a pic for larger photos in a gallery.

Word for today;     Jaguar;     Looked great, smelled of oil and leather.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. I rode in an ‘e type jag’ once. A colleague was having a midlife crisis. It was a pleasant experience, but I must admit, that’s as far as it went. I don’t yearn for a Jag necessarily, I’d just be happy for a safe ride.


    • Who needs a mid-life crisis to drive an E-type? 4 or 40, long as I could have reached the pedals! And, they really look like a Jag. I’m glad it was a pleasant experience for you Mary!


  2. Is Jaguar only the past?


    • Definitely not PPJS; I take your point but don’t mean that the past is the best. I mentioned in my post that technically the new Jags would/should be safer and superior, a good thing. The trend to not look like a Jag in some models is my lament. For those that didn’t grow up with a few of these older Jags around, they might not notice the difference and identify with the current Jags only, which in their own design right, look pretty good.
      It was easy to spot a Jag before. Now some Jag models, Mercedes and BMW’s also, look like a Commodore or Ford or Camry or Mazda with just a name change. I hate to use this word, but generic comes to mind. They tend to look the same.
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.


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