Posted by: Bruce | December 5, 2009

Flogging the Sudanese – Kangaroo Court Style

Lashed in court, 50 times. Was the Khartoum courtroom quiet? Did anyone speak? Was anyone counting, either quietly or aloud? Was anyone listening to the 16 year old girl as she was being lashed. Did anyone look at her face? Did anyone support her?

What about the person lashing this isolated teenager? It would be a man of course. Is he pure of heart? Does he believe in lashing a girl, does he feel like a bully? Does he have his own children? 

What about the judge? Did he feel (it would be a male surely) he had dispensed wisdom and justice as the courtroom resounded to No.45 of 50 lashes? Did he look the girl in the eyes, and if so, what did he see?

What about the police officer (male) who followed and arrested this girl? Well, he should be proud of himself. Shouldn’t he? Certainly made the country safer by his astute police work; or perhaps made it safer for himself and other likeminded males. Is not the crime in their minds? Surely the men can’t be that weak or frightened?

As an average person with an opinion, I’m expressing it. This justice is outrageous. It is offensive. It is hypocritical. It discriminates against women. For men I find it insulting and demeaning. Subjective law whipped onto a 16yr old girls back, hands and legs. It is not in anyway, religiously meaningful or justified. Sudanese law and order?

My opinion will be viewed by some as that of an ignorant person who doesn’t understand the customs, issues or whatever. I don’t and I don’t want to. Nor does it matter which religion applies here. If it was my own I’d feel exactly the same,  give it away and look elsewhere.

Word for today: Purity – the quality or state of being pure.

More to come: same blog time, same blog channel.

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