Posted by: Bruce | March 14, 2022

Steven Seagal on Putin – all families are not created equal.

No more Steven Seagal movies or YouTube clips for me, old or new. He sucks big time.

Seagal says he is friends with Ukraine and Russian President V. Putin, they are both family.

His family are ‘at odds’ with each other due to provocative propaganda financed by an outside entity. He hopes peace will prevail.

Well, not good enough I reckon. Really poor in fact, sitting a fence which wobbles and obviously leans towards his buddy Putin.

This is not a family tiff over a missed invitation to a christening or someone badly behaved at a backyard barbeque.

People young and old, soldiers, men, women and children, including pregnant mothers, are dying because Putin has invaded Ukraine. He is on Ukraine soil and is killing as many people as possible, indiscriminately.

Ukraine has not fired a shell into Russia as far as I know.

How can Seagal not acknowledge and condemn the killing? Family? Not in my book.

Words for today; Steven Seagal – Turned his back on Ukraine.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. I would have thought that what’s happening in Ukraine and who’s to blame, would be clear, even to the woke folk in Hollywood.

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    • Me too Mary. About 95% of UN members voted against Russia’s action. Didn’t do any good, but Putin and onlookers could hardly miss the point. I wouldn’t want Steven Seagal trying to solve a family dispute. He stands by while ‘one family’ kills anyone and everyone in ‘the other family’.


  2. Well said Bruce. Couldn’t agree with you more. It is amazing how the woke left can turn this around, and blame the West and Ukraine. Frighteningly Segal is not alone with his loyalty to Russia.

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    • It’s scary, cold and illogical reasoning he gave for not taking sides. Maybe now, as the invasion and killing of Ukrainians by Russia exceeds two months, Seagal and his ilk will have some doubts.


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