Posted by: Bruce | October 29, 2021

Swimming with the sharks; Lake Macquarie – Australia (Pt3)

On Monday, October 25, looking towards Pulbah Island from Wangi Point I noticed some fins cutting the lake’s surface and managed a few images before it disappeared.

From my position I estimated the length of this shark at 3+ metres and by the look of the shadow under the surface, I think this is a Bull Shark. It wasn’t in a hurry, just cruising the surface with the tail fin flopping around, heading generally towards Dora Ck.

It was a good (and grim) reminder that we share the lake with some creatures that can be very unfriendly.

Below is a link to details of a shark attack in January of this year. The victim survived but sustained serious arm injuries.

Shark in Lake Macquarie
Sharks in Lake Macquarie, 25 October 2021

Words for today: Sharks – they live in the lake and creeks.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Yikes. Great pictures. We are very aware, where there is ocean, or access to the sea, there are sharks. Bull sharks can live well upstream, and survive well in fresh water.


    • I think the Bull shark’s ability to live in fresh and salt water adds another dimension of scary. To be swimming in a freshwater creek or river, miles and miles (and miles) from the ocean and taken by a Bull shark having pups, is mighty poor and unfair to those swinging on a rope at their favourite swimming hole.


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