Posted by: Bruce | August 8, 2021

John Travolta – then, not so long ago and now.

Sydney KIngsford-Smith Airport 1980

In 1980 I was one of two personnel, at Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport, assigned at short notice, to escort John Travolta from International arrivals to the domestic terminal for a connecting flight.

It was a young John Travolta then (26) visiting on the heels of the movie Grease, in which he and Olivia Newton-John were the stars. He was apparently promoting the movie but rumoured to be pursuing Olivia for romantic reasons.

John Travolta – Grease the movie

He was low profile in Australia at that time although the movie Grease was a big hit here. There weren’t any fans at the International terminal and sadly, at the domestic terminal, no horde of gorgeous girls to keep under control.

There was however, as we left the VIP lounge for his flight, three girls, mid teens, who spotted him and asked for a photo op. A happy/sad moment.

I blogged about this meeting of John Travolta and the girls a while ago. The story is in contrast and a direct connection for me, to the next topic in this post.

Not so long ago – 2019

In 2019 John Travolta (having an accomplished career of not just acting but as a pilot and philanthropist with a serious bank account) flew into Adelaide, Australia to grace fans at the Supanova Comic Con and Gaming Convention.

In contrast to his arrival in Sydney 1980, he walked the tarmac with minders, looking every bit a character from the movie Pulp Fiction.

The only reason I kept this occasion in mind is that while at the Event, fans were charged $250 for a selfie with him or for $500.00, a signed professional photo with him. (The example in the link below doesn’t look very professional).

Considering his fame and wealth started with fans, I was pretty disappointed to read of this extraordinary charge.

Maybe he donates the money to a charity? That wouldn’t look so bad to me. Then again, maybe he contributes to the religion of Scientology. This thought followed easily.

John Travolta charges $500 for ONE signed photo at Adelaide’s Supanova | Daily Mail Online

Scientology and John Travolta.

Some time ago I watched some of the series Scientology and the Aftermath by Leah Remini.

The series made for some interesting viewing. Scientology’s main compound, called Gold Base in California, reveals an area holding about 50 buildings with high fences topped by blades and 24hr security patrols, motion detector and cameras. Passing traffic is photographed. Bit paranoid.


John Travolta (Scientologist from 1975) and Tom Cruise (from 1990’s) are said to be two of the most powerful people in the organisation. I wonder, given the money charged to the everyday fans for a signed photo with John Travolta, whether he is one of the big money makers for the ‘church’. Another being Tom Cruise.

Security to keep the curious out, or the ordinary,everyday church members in? According to Remini, it’s to keep members in. Some pretty scary stuff in the series about those who break away from Scientology and the compound.

The Head of Scientology is David Miscavige and he is the author of some poor sci-fi like writing on the site for Scientology. Reading the rambling nonsense, I couldn’t help but think that the Supreme Being referred to by him, is in fact himself. It’s frightening how many adults actually believe, or want to believe, one persons imagination.

It sounds and reads like a cult. Indoctrination, promotion, strict rules and penalties enforced. Members live under surveillance and wonder which smiles are genuine, who can be trusted. Much like communism really. I bet the finances are shaped like a pyramid with the poor kept at the bottom and the elite on top. The Truman Show comes to mind here but with a wicked twist.

I’ve included a link below to the official Scientology site. I hope I’m not responsible for anyone signing up.

Words for today; Time flies

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel

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