Posted by: Bruce | October 26, 2020

The last bite.

Approaching 11pm last Tuesday night, I was worn out but enjoying some quiet, uninterrupted time at my desktop. A shower and bed was the smart thing to do but I wanted just a bit more of this time, with a snack.

When heading for the kitchen I had a little flashback to one of my early days of high school. Arriving home from school, I found the house devoid of family. This didn’t happen very often and was a moment (hopefully long) to be savoured. I had the telly to myself, Get Smart was on shortly and warm Milo with a thick chunk of bread and honey was all I could ask for.

With the show starting, bread and honey on a plate beside me and a mug of warm Milo sitting on the timber arm at the end of the lounge, I was ready to go. Reaching for the Milo and watching Agent 86 do his stuff, I stubbed my fingers into the mug knocking it to the floor.

The mug didn’t break (rug on floor), the Milo went everywhere. The clock was ticking. I cleaned up, made another mug of Milo and started again. I reached for the Milo (same mug) but this time carefully held the handle, lifted and, with a little ‘tink’, the handle stayed with me but the mug fell away. The first drop must have cracked it.

I cleaned the floor and lounge, made a third mug of Milo, but the show and the moment was over. I had the Milo, with bread and honey, in the kitchen. I guess it was a lesson in life. An empty house heard my complaints.

Back to the future, I returned to the desktop with toast (crunchy) and jam (Forest Fruits). I knocked over the first piece quickly, the second piece slowly. Between thumb and fingers I lifted the final morsel to its destiny. Destiny however had a different idea. In a mug and handle moment, the toast cracked near my fingers, the majority of that morsel dropped, bouncing off the chair into the darkness beneath the desk.

Under the desk is a scary place with fluff, bits of paper, pens, paper clips, shopping dockets and more fluff. With a torch I found the bit of toast and jam. It had really excelled in its bouncing, ending up almost to the wall at the back of the desk and spitting some of its jam around before landing face down. I cleaned up and gave up. I should have gone for the shower.

The photo tells the story.

Words for today: The last bite went to the fluff.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel


  1. What a hoot, Bruce, (reading about it not experiencing it.) Why is it that toast always falls face down on the buttered side? That and the mug. What is the universe trying to tell you? 😉

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    • Thanks Mary. I don’t know the answer to either question. Maybe it’s saying I should go to bed. I have a good book waiting for me. Hope you enjoy some freedom, you’ve earned it in Vict.


      • I’ve been in lockdown with my mum for a while now so not much difference for me, Bruce. Am longing for the gyms to open. Just a couple of hours a week, all I need.
        Andrews approval rating, though, proves to me what I’ve thought for a while now. Voting should be a privilege not a right. 😉

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      • What’s the book you’re reading?


  2. Bright Air by Barry Maitland. Almost at the end though. Hope the finish is good.


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