Posted by: Bruce | May 26, 2020

Odd clouds, fast cars, dawn and dusk, windmills and smoke – and eyes closed.

For a captive audience, you might like these photos I’ve taken.

Click any pic for instant, large images that are easy on your eyes.

(Low data resolution).

Mammatus (mammary) clouds in pics 1 and 2;

Bathurst 1000 pics made using a DSLR. About the only bit of sport I watch, once a year. I miss the old race (Bathurst 500) with all classes of cars.

The telegraph pole with a glowing sun and dirt coloured sky occurred too often during the summer bushfires of 2019 -2020.

Last image – Lights out in folds of a blanket.

Words for today; Mammatus (mammary) clouds – my kind of clouds.

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Having problems enlarging photos, Bruce. Are some of them yours?


    • All the photos are mine Mary. I just checked on the site and clicked on a picture. It went straight to slide show, enlarged, and you click through them as you like. I’ll have to visit from another PC as a visitor and see what the problem is. I’ll also add some words so readers (if any) know I took them.

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      • You really are talented, Bruce. I remember you used to posted pictures in the past of interesting places.

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      • Thanks Mary. I had an independent visit the post and there was no problem with pics presenting in large, slide format. I logged out and did the same myself. Did you try again?


  2. Great pictures, well done. I opened pictures on my Samsung A70 phone, no problem.

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    • Thanks twice Maureen. I was a little worried about a possible loading issue.


  3. Tried again, Bruce. Not successful. I’ll try it on my laptop and let you know.


  4. On laptop. All the pics are big. Is that you doing it or is that because I’m on the computer?


    • I’m not sure Mary, On my desktop they are in 2 columns of 6 rows. Clicking on a pic turns them to the gallery. I’ve had another reader (must have seen the comments) who said they worked fine on her Samsung phone. I used the new block editor (scary) but I can’t see that affecting what you see. Anyway, big is good I guess. The block editor, I found is a bit tricky.


      • Sorry for the worry. Haven’t tried block editor yet. I’ll let you work it out, then you can help me. 😁


      • The block editor is starting soon whether we’re ready or not Mary. I had to switch between both just to do this post with the photos. Thought it would be a fairly straightforward process. I was stuck a few times on photo procedures but worked it out (I think). I had to switch back to the original when it came to sharing options. I couldn’t find them while in block mode. I noticed when I did, that the photos in draft were arranged differently but presented in viewing just the same. Bit odd. There may be a few bugs yet. Also, I’m using an old theme which should be retired. Slow to change some things Mary. Thanks for helping Mary, I don’t know why your viewing would be different on your phone and laptop. When I ask WordPress for help next time, I’ll mention this stuff.

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      • Ta.


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