Posted by: Bruce | April 28, 2020

♪ Not all are in this together ♪ ‘COVID-19’

Day eleventy four, or whatever, of lockdown and if …..

If there is one tune I never want to hear again it’s the ♫ We’re all in this together ♫ message from Industry SuperFunds. A cameo cut and paste of the jingle, into a Foxtel community type message is played ad nauseum with little teasers popping up elsewhere and radio. The tune has morphed into torture for a captive audience (me).

Putting aside the wishy washy tune, pretend smiles and hands shaping air, I’ve used the tune to run my headline above and write of;

Those not in this together.

  • Panic buyers. I don’t want to, but can understand it. They looked after themselves but made life more difficult for the rest of us.
  • Bulk buyers who cleaned the shelves of basic, necessary goods and then re-sold them to the public at massively inflated prices (using Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree etc).

Thanks to the panic buyers and especially bulk buyers;

The elderly and those with disabilities (and their carers) had to line up, stand up, by 7.00am for the opportunity to buy toilet paper during the next hour only. Many returning the next day because time or toilet paper had run out. Rain, hail or shine.

  • The bulk buyers should be tarred and feathered. What a bunch of bastards. No conscience, family, friends?

Federal Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, vowed to outlaw this practice in such times.

Now for some elite morons;

I refer to those mental misfits who abuse and spit at Doctors and Nurses. The very ones who face the virus everyday when treating patients.

Image result for anzac day


Here’s a track for those in it together

For those not in it together, here’s a title with no lyrics – I’m Un-Australian

Words for today;        Anzac Day – a reminder of tough times

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel




  1. I always tear up when I hear that song, Bruce. I’m sure that if that had become our national anthem, we would all be singing it with a right will.
    As for the other, well in peace times we like to kid ourselves we are civilised. Depressed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It seems so. While I think most of us are doing the job, there are more than I thought out there trying to sink the effort.


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