Posted by: Bruce | April 22, 2020

Things can only get better – D:Ream 1993



See the source imageToday I picked up a few essentials and noticed that Coles had a supply of that most humble product (a superstar for a while but waning, not waxing), yes that’s right, toilet paper.

Toilet RollerNot only that, the supply against the wall just inside the entrance was sitting, almost neglected. It looked as though a few rolls had been taken here and there, piecemeal if you will, but no line up, no fighting, just another product awaiting its fate.

I thought this a good thing and this song, although the lyrics might not be relevant, popped into my head. It gave hope that no longer will 1 ply toilet paper scare us (me) every time I hit the dunny.

Words for today;      The Rolling Stars – going but not forgotten.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. I have not heard of this group. Maybe I skipped 1993? Nothing worse than single ply paper 😨 By the way, no link to your blog on Facebook. Just pic of toilet roll.


    • Thanks Maureen. I meant to add ‘click or tap my ‘I’m lost ‘ photo which is the link to the Page. I’ll probably dump the page and just post by blog directly to my general page.


      • 👍


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