Posted by: Bruce | April 16, 2020

#Egg Boy and #Egg Girl – dumb names, dumb deeds.

eggboyegggirl - by Bonzablogger

Egg Boy and Egg Girl

Remember the two from 2019 who fired eggs at an MP and our PM? Over a year has elapsed so this is my ‘Whatever happened to ………….?’ and what I think of their actions. There are links below for further content and video of the attacks on the politicians. Briefly, with the phone checked to record for later ‘Likes’….

The first was Will Connolly, a 17 year old guy (school boy in Melbourne) who, from behind, cracked an egg on the head of an Australian Senator, Fraser Anning at a rally in Melbourne on March 16, 2019.

  • Connolly received world wide attention, praise and kudos for bravery (Senator Anning not a popular figure).
  • Received sympathy for; being ‘punched’ twice by Anning’ (slapped actually) and tackled heavily by Anning’s bovver boys who had blundered their security.
  •  Was called an ‘inspiration’ by more than one journalist with a few token words at the end disapproving an attack on the MP.
  • Due to his age, Connolly wasn’t charged, experienced fame of sorts but thinks differently since then it seems. At 18yrs he can vote, not crack eggs.

The second was Amber Holt, a young woman of 24, variously described as a tattooed retail worker possessing cannabis who threw an egg at the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison when attending a CWA (Country Women’s Assn) event in Albury, NSW on May 7, 2019.

  • Holt’s egg skimmed the scalp of the P.M. and hit a woman instead.
  • An elderly lady was knocked off her feet in the scuffle, the P.M. helped her up.
  • No sympathy for being a girl headlocked and tackled by P.M.’s security (another security blunder).
  • Holt was condemned for her action and arrested by Police, charged with common assault and possession of cannabis.
  • On July 23, 2019 Holt was given an 18 month Community Correction Order and 150 hours of community service. She did not enjoy the attention for her actions.

It’s interesting to line up the bullets.

How I see it

  • Mr Connolly and M/s Holt were both wrong. Same crime, different treatment.
  • Connolly an inspiration? No, not for me, but likely for M/s Holt.
  • Connolly expressed surprise by the fame. Maybe. He planned it though.
  • Connolly is lucky that he was under 18yrs at the time, otherwise court for him.
  • Journalists who praised Connolly were unprofessional, irresponsible and biased.
  • M/s Holt, for fame, picked the wrong MP,  abandoned by journalists.
  • The security for the MP’s failed. It might not have been eggs used.

Words for today;         Dumb deeds – Cast a vote, not eggs.

More to come;      same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. This is hard, Bruce. Which angle to take? But let me ramble on. In general, I find it hard to trust our pollies, Having said that, Fraser Anning is the worst example of them and Scott Morrison is proving to be someone to admire. (Perhaps that’s why Connelly got a better deal from the media?) Sure it’s unfair that both aggressors, Connelly and Holt, were treated differently. I would have liked to see a media pile on, criticising both and I’d have liked it if both had done hard time. I hate violence, no matter who is dishing it out and who the target.

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    • I get that Mary. I didn’t include my opinion of either politician because my point is about the act of egging a Member of Parliament, law and order, respect the position etc. Fraser Anning has been, and is, on the nose. That’s why the young bloke was so popular of course and probably ínspired the girl to fire her boiled goog across the scone of our P.M. If Will Connolly had egged Scott Morrisson I’m pretty sure he would not have been popular at all ( Lefties aside) and the public would have whinged and called for retribution. They can’t have it both ways; therefore both eggers are in the wrong.

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  2. Yes

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