Posted by: Bruce | November 3, 2019

Australian Made by P.M Scott Morrison.


  1. I would hope that post covid-19, Australia at least will vary its imports and not look to China for everything. I’d also hope we bring back Aussie industries. Do you remember that slogan, maybe 20 years ago – ‘Buy Australian, give a kid a job’? Let’s resuscitate that.


    • I’ve never forgotten it. What worries me now is that Australian Made and Made in Australia look to be a play on words. Goods may very well be made here etc but if the company is foreign owned, eg China, most of the benefit will go out of our country along with our resources. As you said, bring back Aussie industries and stop China etc from owning this country.

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      • One by one our industries went off shore telling us that they couldn’t compete with countries that underpaid their workers. They should be prepared to pay workers 1st world wages and we are all going to have to support our industries and buy Australian.

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      • No argument there Mary.

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