Posted by: Bruce | August 22, 2018

P.M. Turnbull and the Panic Dutton.

The swinging voterI’ve been pretty busy for a while now and haven’t had time to sit in my stuffed political armchair and disseminate curious insight.

And look what happens.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, for the good of everyone else, wants to make sure that Labour Leader Bill Shorten never becomes Prime Minister.

Of course, in doing so, Minister Dutton will have to destabilise the current Liberal government, de-throne Prime Minister Turnbull and, in a selfless act for the nation, take on the top job.

I’ve read some cobblers in my time but that is one of the poorest scripts yet. Sounds just like the Labour Party with Rudd and Gillard, then the Liberal Party with Abbott and Turnbull. It’s Back to the Future for the Liberal Party and Australian voters.

Minister Dutton must know that if he succeeds he will be the next in line for a spill?

My incredible prediction:

Malcolm Turnbull P.M, will beat Bill Shorten in the next election.

Panic button (by (3)_LI

Panic Dutton for P.M. M. Turnbull

Bill Shorten (Opposition Leader) will beat Peter Dutton (Lib) if Dutton wins his ‘et tu Brute?’ on P.M. Turnbull.

Extra Extra

— Ministers Julie Bishop and Scott Morrison have thrown their hats at the Prime Ministerial Wheel of Fortune.

–Minister Dutton may be in legal trouble and unable to finish what he started.

The Liberal Party’s implosion is due noon Friday 24/8.

Word for today:      Ambition  –   Can be thinly disguised as a sincere politician.

More to come:    same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Don’t know where to start, Bruce. My mum has always said – never discuss politics or religion. Trouble is that politics and religion is constantly being rammed down our collective throats by the mainstream media.
    You obviously know by now that Scott Morrison made it to the top job. I’d have preferred the country copper. But as you’ve said, Dutton had some baggage to deal with. He had no chance, but did have the guts that his colleagues afraid of losing their jobs did not.

    Turnbull the Left Wing Liberal leader was turning Australia into a third world country. We export coal but won’t use it ourselves. We count on unreliable renewables although we still need subsidies and coal fired power to prop us up.

    Turnbull hired a variety of left wing people to top jobs including a former labor staffer as an advisor. The list goes on.

    And if the question on your lips is why haven’t his colleagues done something about Turnbull sooner, it’s because Turnbull the arrogant who took Abbott’s job without permission lost all of Abbott’s hard won seats but one. A one seat majority. Now that Turnbull has lost that top job, he’s taken his marbles and gone home. So, no majority. That was always the elephant in the room, or the stinky smell in the wind. That’s why some of the Liberal politicians hate Dutton and of course Labor is scared of him which is why the push to rid themselves of someone with more integrity.

    Don’t publish this if you don’t want to, Bruce. It’s just my frustrated rant.


    • It’s an excellent rant Mary. You show more knowledge and detail than I possess and have strong opinions based on that. I learn some things from you that my surface scratching doesn’t display. Thanks Mary.


  2. You say some nice things, Bruce. Thanks.
    That’s the trouble with rants, Bruce. I had to go back and see what I wrote. I did go on a bit, didn’t I? I understand now why the past looks so good to old people. Wish I was there now.

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