Posted by: Bruce | April 15, 2018

Australia Day 2018 – a savage bite in history.

This year I did as little as possible on Australia Day. How good is it that I can do such a thing?

I heard a snatch of conversation on the radio where an Indonesian woman spoke of her citizenship after being in Australia for over 20 years. Her natural accent was still strong but I’m pretty sure if the role was reversed, my Australian accent would hammer my lousy attempts to speak Bahasa Indonesia.

A couple of days later I walked the track I’ve taken on a few Australia Days. It finished at waters edge which was devoid of people. I scanned for evidence of Australia Day on the shore; torn singlets, cans and broken bottles, beer cartons and broken thongs (not the crook bum sort). Nothing, and no-one lying on the rocks or in the bushes still sleeping off the booze.

IMGP0914 (2) by BBH

Wangi shores Australia

And then it happened. The music from Jaws? My eyes were drawn towards my size 10’s to be rewarded with proof it was still Australia. I went down on my knees for a closer look before nodding my head in silent confirmation. The remains of a meat pie, after a fair set of choppers had decimated the contents and left the shattered pastry, lay quietly. Was it Kevin Rudd (ex PM) who said ‘fair shake of the sauce bottle’ when he was being one of the boys? Well, the pie eater must have already shaken the sauce bottle empty to leave the scraps.

IMGP0911 (3) by BBH

Meat Pie and a boot in Australia

IMGP0910 (3)- by BBH

Meat Pie – Australia

And so it was. Australia Day 2018 delivered the goods. Some things remain constant.

I wonder though, about Australia in 20 years time.

Will savaged pie remains still be found?

Will Australia Day still be on the 26th January? Many indigenous Australians call this day Invasion Day and want this day of celebrations gone or moved. Fair enough.

January 26th, 1788 marks the arrival of the First Fleet from Great Britain and the beginning of Australian life as we know it today.

For our indigenous Australians, this day marked the beginning of the end of their life as they knew it. Invasion Day may sound harsh or uncomfortable, but it’s true.

Finally, I also wonder, what a present day Australia would be, had it never been discovered? I believe this fanciful consideration is relevant and open to the ‘what if’ of January 26, 1788.

Words for today;      Pie and sauce – dog’s eye and dead horse

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel

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