Posted by: Bruce | February 28, 2018

Should Subaru do do do?

‘Walk on the Wild Side’ is a song I like, by Lou Reed, 1972. It’s on the radio often.

The tune is catchy with lyrics of a difference and one particular line that wasn’t censored. I listen for that line each time it plays, wonder why it’s allowed and how many kids pick up on it. A school run in the family car provides a captive audience for ears of all ages.

Well Subaru Australia are using the doo do doo’s from this track to flog their cars except the doo’s are just a ‘Do’. However, I wonder if this is a deliberate drive into edgy territory by Subaru, knowing consumers will likely associate the Do’s with the rest of the song?

Subaru Australia M/D Nick Senior said ”we want to attract more younger people, particularly females and younger Australian families to Subaru, and those families with one or two young kids”……

and, ” ‘Do’ is a simple, yet incredibly strong and powerful verb, the ultimate commitment from which the Subaru family can’t hide”. (Sounds a little odd really on top of the other advertising drivel of warm and fuzzies to sell cars).

Well, I think I’ll use Do as an auxiliary verb in some interrogative sentences;

  • Do Subaru ‘doo do doo’ wonder if young and old match lyrics to tunes?
  • Do Subaru ‘doo do doo’ consider that this tune/song blends with their brand?
  • Do Subaru ‘doo do doo’ present this as their Subaru family song?

Finally, as I checked my email this a.m., an ad flicked upon my vision to the right. Happenstance, from Subaru. It read…. Do  The excitement machine WRX (with an image). There are one or two transitive verb examples given by Merriam-Webster that might cover this use of Do. A close one relates to sex – ” I’d do him”. Struth. A bit on the wild side?

A link for reference and a link for interest;

Word for today:     Subaru – What you Do?

More to come:   same blog time, same blog channel


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