Posted by: Bruce | January 14, 2018

Don Burke and Craig McLachlan – wielding the casting couch?

The casting couch - image by

A casting couch for the Australian Entertainment Industry.

A casting couch of the entertainment industry usually sits quietly in a reception area. It’s dark side however, is not restricted by walls. It travels and functions in various guises. As a hotel bed, a grope in the dark, an assault, as fear or dominance to name a few; it’s a versatile weapon seemingly used with impunity.

Innocent until proven guilty.

So, over the last week, Craig McLachlan, actor/entertainer, is headlining over sexual harassment/assault allegations by fellow cast and crew and….


15/12/2020 – Actor Craig McLachlan found not guilty of all 13 indecent and common law assault charges (

Don Burke OAM, tv entertainer/ personality is also in the news from 2016 for sexual harassment/assault allegations.

The more I read, the more I think these two home grown personalities will be wondering what happened to their life as they knew it. The fan has only just begun to spin. Surely Rolf Harris (ex-CBE) and Robert Hughes of Hey Dad are still fresh in everyone’s memory? The arrogance, the narcissism, the….just incredible.

I wonder whether those in charge, of producing shows featuring Burke and Mc Lachlan, had any idea of the alleged sexual harassment/assault taking place under their proverbial noses? How could they not?

Stars of shows are just that; a star. Some bright, some dim. It doesn’t make them a good person though. Star power is a weapon in the wrong hands, those that are legends, at least in their own minds. They take what they want. The employers fall into line: the show must go on, the money must go on. Don’t need bad publicity.

But the publicity is worse when serious problems are ignored. The evil of the Hey Dad experience hasn’t educated the entertainment industry.

If Burke and Mc Lachlan are found guilty of these allegations, then heads should roll within the industry. There should be jail time for those who knowingly ignore obligations of both civil and industrial law. Employers are legally accountable.

Alea iacta est (Latin) – the die is cast.

Hey Dad cast shunned, Robert Hughes jailed

Word for today;        Narcissism –  extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Hey Bruce,
    Even before Don Burke was ‘outed’ I heard stories about how unpleasant he was to his staff, so, human nature being what it is, it’s easy to dislike him and to believe the sexual harassment accusations.

    I like Craig McLachlan, Dustin Hoffman, and Geoffrey Rush and so am not as inclined to believe such behavior of them.

    But what I would like most of all is that the accused go through a court of law, not the judgement of anti-social media.

    I’ve been reading and hearing about the Hollywood casting couch for decades. Even jokes have been made of it. That’s awful. But having sex with someone to get yourself a good part in a movie isn’t any less awful, just less criticized.


    • Has Dustin Hoffman and Geoffrey Rush been headlined with harassment allegations as well Mary? I saw a reference to Michael Douglas a few days ago and thought who next?
      Trial by media is not the go but it is always covered with ‘alleged’.
      Nevertheless, there is a similarity amongst these incidents and allegations and it is not surprising they end up in court.
      What I find a little hard to understand is the apparent blind eye or ignorance shown by employers and other employees to alleged victims. There is a culture in the entertainment industry like any other industry and the Hey Dad story shows how weird and low it can be.
      Those (males/females) who choose to sleep their way to the top aren’t a legal issue except for the expectations they create for those in power.


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