Posted by: Bruce | December 30, 2017

Left-handers; writing the wrongs.

On Thursday just gone, I was fiddling. This led to wondering, not for the first time, of a left-hander’s plight in putting pen to paper. Specifically, an inky kind of pen. I wondered a lot, so much in fact that today’s trivia just had to happen.

As a rightie, my pen travels the page from left to right, onto virgin lines awaiting their fate. A trail of letters, joined or not, dry safely and sit, doing their bit.

Now lefties do the same but it’s different. Their pen precedes, left to write, pushed by the hand that blocks inky letters from sight. Which way to slope the letters and keep the fist from smudging ink? Tilt the page or twist the wrist? Unfair conformity I think.

And this is where my wondering veered a little. I thought myself lucky to be in the 90% of the population that are righties. Then, I hypertheticalised (just made up this word); what if lefties were the 90’s and righties the wrong-uns? Would right to left lead to reading problems?

Can there ever be a level ink field? Maybe there’s something to be learned from other languages where writing is columned from top to bottom or right to left. What about diagonals or bottom to top?

Mind boggling you say? Incredible? Yes. That is true.

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the ink, and lefties reverse how the righties have written. My wondering became a reality. A pure approach from the left, not quite right for the right.

The photos tell the story (low res x3). With an uncooperative left hand I wrote a few words as a 90% leftie. The result, though rough on the eye, should have been obvious. If written by a genuine leftie all those years ago, where would we be now? Reading from the dark side? Click on pic for quick enlargements.

Below are a couple of links to lefthander curiosities. Not all facts are wonderful though. The reason for left handed hand shakes and left hands having ring fingers, present an image not favourable to me.

A couple of paragraphs above have some rhythm. It’s not a usual thing for me and sort of happened accidentally.

Words for today:      Leftiesdodging the ink with a keyboard

More to come:     same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. I was a left hander, Bruce. Teacher told my mum to discourage it. By the time my left handed sister began school, mum was a bit wiser and refused to do it. I guess there’s no going back, because when I fractured my right arm earlier this year, I couldn’t write for nuts, not even sign my name. Discovering the dictation app was a life saver.
    Happy, happy new year, Bruce.


    • Thanks Mary and Happy New Year for you too. Are you still a left hander though, even though you can’t write with your left? And do you think left handers (if we went back in time) would naturally write and read in reverse to right handers?


      • Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Bruce. I have a granddaughter who is running me ragged. When I fractured my right arm 8 months ago and done something to the nerve of one finger I’ve learned to use my left hand, but not for writing. Not sure about the second question. We are all trained to read and write one way. On the other hand there are other cultures who do read and write right to left and in columns.

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