Posted by: Bruce | October 16, 2017

Raymond Terrace – St Johns Anglican Church

1-IMGP6828 St John's

St John’s Anglican Church – Raymond Terrace




  1. WHAT OF C H U R C H E S 2020 YEARS AGO ??????????


    • I don’t know about those churches. Reckon it will be slim pickings finding one that old in Australia though. Were they even called churches 2020 years ago? Thanks for looking Jimmy. I think I remember your initials from years ago; am I right? Is there something you wish to say about old churches? I can’t get to your site so I can only reply to your comment. Thanks again for looking, regards Bruce


  2. Yay! You’re back Bruce. Lovely building. I’d have loved to see inside.


    • Hullo Mary. I have been a little quiet. Doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. And the photo is not a work of art, but functional. I might just get myself in there with the camera one day. Hope all is well for you and family.


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