Posted by: Bruce | August 2, 2017

The wonders of me – hit delete button for Daylight Saving, N.S.W.

The swinging voterI’ve never been a fan of daylight saving. Sometimes it’s okay, mostly not okay.

That’s my point of view and not based on economics.

When my kids were little it was irritating and weird having to put them to bed while the sun was still high in the sky and birds chirping. And it was still hot.

I remember the hard sell on daylight saving when I was a lot younger. It would make our lives a joy having that extra hour to walk, have barbies’, enjoy the great outdoors and other beautiful things. It almost made me cry.

Daylight saving had nothing to do with warming our hearts. It was all about saving water in times of drought. The hour moved to an earlier time slot meant less power was needed (e.g. lighting) which saved water used to produce it.

Now saving water in times of drought is a good thing. Whether it is effective where so many homes and businesses sport air conditioners is another. When daylight saving was introduced, air conditioned workplaces and homes were not common. Lights might not be on but air conditioners start before the lights.

Good grief, I wonder if we need two (2) hours a day of daylight saving for the whole year!

Geoff Provest, Nationals M.P. for Tweed, N.S.W. is introducing a bill tomorrow I think, August 3, to reduce daylight saving for one (1) month, making it a five (5) month sentence.

I’m all for it, all for the month, all for the six (6) months being reduced and/or deleted. I never catch up on that one (1) hour of lost sleep.

Words for today:      Air conditioners – gobbled the savings

More to come:    same blog time, same blog channel



  1. Hated daylight savings when I had to convince my children it was time for bed. Look forward to it now. Glad to see your post in my inbox, Bruce. Just recovering from a horrible cold.


    • It’s those hot, still, humid days that drag on with daylight saving. No probs with A/c but that defeats the purpose of daylight saving, the original purpose anyway. It’s also expensive for the average householder (like me). I don’t know why it has to continue anymore unless of course there is a commercial advantage to do so. Glad you’re recovering Mary, there are some mean bugs out there.


      • I can manage the cold by loading on layers, but can’t cope with heat waves. Did I mention that I was recovering from a fractured arm?


      • No mention of a fractured arm Mary. What have you been doing to yourself? Is it on the mend?


      • Tripping on a tree root. Your virtual friend is a klutz, Bruce. Four months in, two more months to go before I’m done with physio and clinic appointments.


      • Ouch, sorry to read that Mary. You must have made a good job of it. Is it your writing arm?


      • Yes, it is my writing arm, Bruce. Five years ago it was the other arm. Now I’ve got a matched set. 🙃🙃

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hope all is going well at your end, Bruce.🙃


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