Posted by: Bruce | February 18, 2017

Australia Day 2017 – a koala, beach cricket and no rude words.

This is my second post for Australia Day 2017. It’s a little bit after the event but I reckon that’s okay. Talk about daring.

There are no crude words as in the first, this is wholesome stuff. You can see the crude word by clicking here, you might even get a laugh. It’s not that crude, really. Well, it is a bit.

January 26, and I headed to my Mum’s place. The day was very warm and very muggy, a typical summer day hoping for a storm. News on the radio mentioned the Australia Day/Invasion Day debate and BBQ’s being held by Aussies of all ancestry and religions.

I really only wanted some time with Mum without controversy but acknowledged to myself that 1/ our indigenous Aussies have a point. and 2/ it must be tough being an ordinary muslim Aussie.

We drove from Tanilba Bay to Fingal Bay. The plan for Mum (92 yrs) and I was to find a water view and pork a Magnum Classic avec conversation. This was achieved after fighting through crowds at Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay, a toilet stop, find a shop and parking before the ice cream melted down our shirts. Estimated travel time approx. 45mins, today 5-9 hours.

The photos tell the story of our ordinary outing. Click on any pic for quick presentation of bigger images (low res). My images except for the thongs.

The Koala featured is the reason for this post. I have seen video and photos of Koalas crossing roads but not with my own eyeballs. This day I did. As I exited Tanilba Bay this chunky chap looked left, right, left, right, crossed the road and scaled the old gum tree. Plenty of cars and homes around too. My camera was handy.

Words for today;      The lucky country – hope it stays this way

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. My camera’s always handy too, Bruce, but I always manage to miss the moment. I appreciate your capturing these ones for me. When it comes to travelling with loved ones, looks like’s nothing’s changed; the pit stops, the food stops, the melted ice creams down our shirt fronts, although a waste of a good magnum classic. 🙂

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    • You can’t get them all but I was lucky this time Mary. The camera was within reach and the koala up the tree within minutes.


  2. Great pictures Bruce.The places looks idyllic – I feel envious haha!


    • Hi Zoya. Sorry for not replying earlier to your comment. What a rude and crude blogger I am. In my (weak) defence I thought I had already replied but NO, I hadn’t. I was actually checking another comment a few minutes ago and noticed my poor effort. How slack is that?
      It is a very nice coastal area and would have looked better had it been a clear sunny day. I would be happy to live there except during holidays. A lot of people spend their holidays here. Hope all is well and thanks for your most excellent words. Bruce

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Bruce, don’t worry about it – it happens to the best of us :). Yes it really does look like an ideal holiday destination. I am well thank you for asking, I hope you’re good too. Zoya.


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