Posted by: Bruce | February 5, 2017

John Laws v/s Steve Price – no slinging match here.

dailymail-co-ukFriday Feb 3, 2017 found me on the road, radio tuned to the John Laws Show. Two items on talkback caused my stubby pencil to scratch upon a page.

Item 1 – An interview by John Laws with Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

I listened with interest, not catching the whole interview, and decided that Mr Turnbull P.M. appears to be a pretty decent guy. I didn’t agree with all that he said but that’s another issue. John Laws described him, amongst other words, as a gentleman.

turnandshortMy final impression from this interview was the PM’s description of the Opposition Leader. “Unlike myself, the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is not his own man. He is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Labour Party and told what to do”.

Of course, this rocket up Bill Shortens nose was delivered in genteel style.

Item 2 – Laws v/s Price

I didn’t quite catch how the subject of Steve Price (radio announcer) arose but John Laws was saying that apparently Steve Price gave him a serve on the show, ‘I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here’. It just aired Thursday night.

John Laws calmly mused why Mr Price had stuck it to him but said he was not going to get into a slinging match with the funny little fat man. It’s not my fault that Price  flops a breakfast show every time then ends up on nightshift.

download-1Mr Laws also said that ‘Stevie’ will end up doing the midnight to dawn shift if he continues to flop the shows.

After a short interval, John Laws mentioned that Mr Price has a bad temper, was also known as the Angry Ant. He wasn’t worried if Mr Price came to the station to front him.”What’s he going to do, reach up to his full length and hit me in the naval?”.

A little later a caller mentioned Steve Price reaching the knee caps of John Laws. My drive was over.

I guess that wasn’t a slinging match.

There’s a little history with these two…..

Words for today;       Slinging match – Political and personal styles

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel


  1. I’m not sure what Malcolm Turnbull said that impressed you, Bruce, but I’m not a fan. I’m assuming that John Laws likes him, otherwise he’d be asking a lot of hard questions – like why he set up an arrangement with an outgoing president when he knew the elected president wasn’t in favour of it.

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    • I thought you’d have a thought or two on Malcolm Talkbull, Mary. I spoke only of a personal impression. Probably the only thing I agreed upon was his mention that Labour stuffed up the asylum seekers traffic. As for the arrangement with the U.S. to take those of the island detention centres, I hadn’t heard of it and was very surprised. I think the move is a slight of hand though, don’t you? After all, the exit of those we have here is to balanced by the entrance of those the U.S. is holding there. The mind boggles at the behind the scenes scheming that might have occurred to set it the swap in motion.


  2. Not an expert, Bruce, just another opinion. Can’t help getting carried away these days.
    Not sure, but I don’t think there’s a swap deal. Perhaps a favour might be called in some time. Perhaps once the vetting’s been done, Trump will decide the detainees aren’t suitable. Not a done deal till the fat lady sings.
    I do think that it smells to high heaven of dealing in human cargo. I also think that ex President Obama had no right to set things up the way he did when he did. I think there was some sort of mischief planned there. What does it say about Obama and about Malcolm Turnbull. What about announcing it to all and sundry as a done deal a handful of days into the new president’s term of office? Like or dislike Trump, but it’s Turnbull who has shown himself yet again to be an absolute pill.


  3. We weren’t ignorant about the deal, Bruce, so I imagine that Trump wasn’t either. He was set up by his predecessor. Can’t decide which I despise more, politicians or journalists.


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