Posted by: Bruce | September 13, 2016

Toronto Blast from the Past Festival 2016 – photos

See anyone you know? Yourself? Who is the mystery model?

With charged camera battery I walked Toronto foreshore on Sept 11, checking out Toronto’s inaugural Blast from the Past Car, Music and Dance Festival 2016.

I missed some of the main music but still found plenty to keep me occupied.

And thank you to the gorgeous young lady, a Beetle driver and model extraordinaire, who kindly smiled for the camera.

If you click on any pic, all images will quickly be presented, enlarged for easy viewing. (All images reduced, not much at all in data usage: maybe 7mb all up).


I was interested to check out this Festival having wandered around a Nostalgia Festival back in March 2016. On the foreshore is a great location and if this festival gets going it might make things hot for Kurri Kurri.

Word for today:      Images – there for the taking

More to come:     Same blog time, same blog channel


  1. It must be the season for it Bruce. There was a ’50s car exhibition and a band playing Elvis songs. Took lots of snaps. My husband post with most of them. I’m saving for his birthday. At a hundred thousand a pop, I may just afford a side view mirror.
    Glad you had your camera charged up.

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    • Well Mary, considering your husband post for photos with some of these magnificent machines, how about posing one or two for all to see? We can compare.

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      • Okay.


      • Looking forward to them.


  2. Posed, not post. 🙂


    • Didn’t notice the typo Mary.


      • I’m sure it’s not a typo, Bruce. It’s that darned predictive text. I get caught out all the time.


      • Predictive text! Bloody nuisance.

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  3. I wondered where the lovely cars were going, they all seemed so happy waving and driving thru Cooranbong. lovely pics thanks

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    • Thanks Victoria and thanks for reading. Some of those cars seem to pass their original state and become a work of art. Too bad I missed the first band though. I would have liked to see those that know how, on the dance floor.


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