Posted by: Bruce | June 30, 2016

Federal election 2016 – slim pickin’s leave 50/50 shoo-ins.

July 2, 2016 and we’re off again. An Opoly to the Left, an Opoly to the Right.

Off to halls, tents and schools. Running the gauntlet of last minute campaigners thrusting flyers in your face, lining up to have a line drawn through your name.

Betting slips, large and small, given numbers with pencils behind hunched shoulders in a cardboard booth. Your vote is cast.

And the winner is?

Not many to choose from really. Two contenders. Two.

I suppose that two parties is better than one, although it can often be difficult  to spot the difference. Besides, one party only would be a monopoly, a dictatorship, wouldn’t it?

So we have A Labor-Opoly labour

and A Liberal-Opoly.

liberal dotorgdotau

Together they form a Duopoly. That’s pretty good for Australia, is it not? Although it does sound a little like illegal trading.

Word for today:    Duopoly  – preponderant influence or control by two political powers.

More to come:    same blog time, same blog channel.




  1. Well, tonight’s the night. And the agony’s not over. We’ve been hammered with pre-polling commentary. Tomorrow we’re going to be bored witless for weeks with the post-Mortems.

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    • How right you were. What rhymes with witless?


      • Yes! That’s the word. 🙂 I heard Peta Credlin describe pollies as ‘hapless bedwetters.’ Pretty apt.


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