Posted by: Bruce | June 16, 2016

The Pointer Sisters – Should I do it.

It’s just good to listen to this, which is what I’m doing while typing. I’ll be posted before it finishes.

Word for today:       Memories – this is one of them

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. Aimed at the sixteen year old market, Bruce. But sixteen year olds are far more savvy these days, don’t you think?

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    • That’s a trick question isn’t it Mary?


      • I don’t do trick questions, Bruce. I was just comparing my sixteen year old self to my clever sixteen year old granddaughter. She wins hands down. 🙂


      • Once again, a magnificent response Mary. But you know, I’m no wiser after reading it, if anything I have more questions which must remain unspoken. You have this knack of keeping me off centre when thinking I have learned something of you. Don’t get cold today.


      • 🙂


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