Posted by: Bruce | May 22, 2016

Gogglebox Australia – The Final Affrontier?

Gogglebox for blogGood grief Charlie Brown. In 2015, ads for Gogglebox Australia were telling us that watching others watch telly is the way to go for entertainment. Bit of insult, arrogance or desperation from somewhere within the entertainment industry I thought. Fleetingly, via some sort of unformed principle, I knew I wouldn’t watch it.

In the last month or two, I was surprised by Gogglebox ads announcing new season episodes. So it seems that someone must be watching in the world of viewers. Any show is about making money and needs an audience.

gogglebox by lifestyledotcomdotauA little net research told me that Gogglebox U.K. has been going for some time. I checked Google images and found some funny comment captions, some not so classy. I also found a review by Karl Quinn of the Sydney Morning Herald. His eloquence providing a fairly comprehensive view of Gogglebox Australia versus my short post delivering the following thought………..

donkey and carrotAs when I first saw the ads, I wondered how such a show originates. Was there an actual demand to create a show such as this or, were potential viewers led by the nose to believe they demanded such a creation? The carrot and donkey thing.

How real are the actions of the viewers being viewed? People become self conscious or play up to the camera when a lens is pointed their way. What reality is allowed according to a script? Considering the watchers being watched are paid to be natural, the show is a bit of an oxymoron.

Having delivered my question, would anyone who has watched a show or two care to give an opinion? Is it good viewing, terrible, or maybe worse than Open Slather?

Will I be swayed, weaken, forget principles, admit defeat and watch an episode? The mind boggles, or should I say Goggles?

Word for today;    Affront – an action or remark that causes outrage or offence.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. I’ve written about this myself, Bruce. I usually won’t review or comment on a show unless I’ve seen at least one episode for myself, but, seeing the adverts was enough for me (as it was for you) and I couldn’t stomach the thought of watching. How does that song go? It’s the dawning of the age of dumbed down people. We are used to unreality TV. It makes more money and costs less.
    I can’t get the thought out of my mind that people on that show are not your usual couch potatoes. I think they could be actors. That’s my cynical self kicking in yet again.


    • I remember you writing about Gogglebox Mary and wondered at the time whether I still would. That’s a while ago, but after I found new episodes happening I decided to put my bit out there too.
      As for being cynical with actors or whatever, I’m of the same mind. I have read two references to the low, almost beer money pay supposedly received by the ‘average’ couch potatoes. That doesn’t make sense and sounds a little suspicious, or the full story of payment is not being told. Some have said they do it for fun, not the money, but what of ‘between job’ actors (or ordinary non actors) willing to try their luck for a possible break to fame via this show? There may very well be a pay dispute later down the track whether the show survives or not!
      It’s the strong odour of deception that floats around ‘scripted reality shows’ however, I’d like to know if people find it good entertainment anyway.


  2. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but I watched a couple of episodes accidentally.
    The first time was because I literally couldn’t find the remote to change the station.
    The second time was something similar, but I actually found myself … well, not enjoying it as such, but… not as offended as I had assumed I would have been.

    I think the reason the show has appeal to the audience is that it’s just “regular people, watching TV”.
    I can’t comment on how scripted it may or may not be, and there’s absolutely no doubt that what we are seeing is a TV version of all participants – nobody is their “normal” self whilst surrounded by cameras.

    The show follows the same families/friends each week, and they’re a somewhat diverse group of people. It allows the audience to either recognise themselves, or people they know, in the TV families.

    It’s the banter between them, the criticism, the commentary… it’s not as horrendous as it sounds, but it’s certainly not something I’d program with a reminder or record for later.


    • Hi Bri, thanks for that info. I was hoping for an opinion as you surely noticed and the best one of course is from someone who has actually watched it. Maybe there will be more comments to come but going on what you say, if I’m stuck for something different perhaps I’ll give the show a go. I’m not sure how regular the regular people are; I’m a little suspicious. All the same, if I didn’t like it I’d just change channels.
      I have two questions for you Bri if that’s okay? First; are you and your family well, especially the little one? Second; does your telly not have an actual button on it for changing channels in the event your remote is lost? You might be tricking me about that not be able to change channels.


      • Hi Bruce!
        To answer your questions, my family is all doing quite well. My daughter is hilarious and challenging and sweet and trying and everything a 2 year old should be.
        As for not being able to change the channel without a remote, that’s entirely accurate. We use the Telstra TBox which i don’t think has buttons on it? I will actually investigate this and get back to you haha!


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